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marco paypiggy

marco paypiggy has been totally blessed  !! he was allowed to enter a 3 months  financial domination contract with his D R E A M   ..ME!



5 weeks ago he verbally agreed to be purchasing 1 gift a week , like a good robot, programmed to open his wallet and SPEND $50-$100 weekly.  he has been doing his job well, keeping Mistress happy. That's always the best solution, right puppies?

I have carefully selected all the items on my  wish list  so for a long time they will remind me of weak pathetic paypiggy who could not resist me.


if you want to become like him, write me an email after you purchase your initial week item $50-$100 of my amazon wishlist CLICK HERE . Then  introduce yourself in  your email, and beg me to create a shopping wish list for you!  There is so many stores to pick from! amazon, Neiman Markus, Z Gallerie and whatever my eye desires!



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Good to see you get more and more followers Mistress Lilyan

Foot slave george

Mistress you are looking very beautiful in this pic, you are also looking very dominant and demanding. All slave will be under your feet and heels goddess.

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