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Kris found me on google searching for froced intoxication and poppers.. he has been a good lsut drinking pig on the phone 3 days in a row now, drinking with his balls tied up really tight, rope on his neck and getting all fucked up.. what a good slut! listen to his pathetic voice during his forced intoxication phone call where he begs me to be blackmailed. Download KrisLISTEN Kris and his pathetic wife Hilda are going to be sluts from Luxemburg. He is already addicted to poppers and now combines with my sexy accent , he will get fucked... Read more →

I love spending my paypiggies' hard earned money on sparkle! I love sparkle, I love SWAROVSKI! I have a special curio designated to my collection. But that is not all, I spread the sparklies all over the house too! and of course you cannot miss two decadent Swarovski crystal chandeliers, one in my dining room and one in office. Every time I turn them on, I feel like a spoiled princess, and smirk , thinking how easy it is to spend your money! and not to mention my head turning Chanel Iphone case made with Swarovki crystals.. Fabulous shine! I... Read more →

popper addict is going strong. He has been buying outfits for a while, under my approval.. while high he would go shopping on amazon for a wig and sexy slutty dresses to wear for me! yes! brainwashed to obey and please men in booths he is doing really well.. just look at his sexy black dress and panties.. what happened during the session, I will leave just for those who call .. yes some of you love to jerk listening what other addicts do! Read more →

marco paypiggy has been totally blessed !! he was allowed to enter a 3 months financial domination contract with his D R E A M ..ME! 5 weeks ago he verbally agreed to be purchasing 1 gift a week , like a good robot, programmed to open his wallet and SPEND $50-$100 weekly. he has been doing his job well, keeping Mistress happy. That's always the best solution, right puppies? I have carefully selected all the items on my wish list so for a long time they will remind me of weak pathetic paypiggy who could not resist me. if... Read more →

Popper's life has been boring .. but here I AM , his Queen who gives him the pleasures he never hoped to experience, and those he feared to experience. . The images were taken during our session, with my Iphone so they are poor quality. Some weeks popper will sniff daily, from work, on the way to work, from bed while his wife is next to him.. he loves iron horse, blue boy, rush poppers ,locker room, Amsterdam special, jungle Juice platinum and loves to sniff 2 bottles at the same time for variety.It makes him drool so much..all over... Read more →

I did not edit the storry , so there may be typos and grammar mistakes. He is not speaking English as his first language. Mistress Lilyan MISTRESS LILYAN FOOT SLAVE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DATE – 13.07.12 PLACE – MISTRESS LILYAN Place As it is a big event Mistress called me on her Birthday for service at his bungalow at sharp 6.00 AM and I am very happy that today I will be able to please my mistress with my work. Brilliant mistress already given order to another slave to fulfill all food arrangements and I am having all cleaning activities at... Read more →

my sissy in training is addicted to poppers and forced intoxication and loves to entertain me on camera. sissy sandra is really slutty and dirty minded, I would even say a pervert! He is pouring poppers in a cup to sniff and get fucked up on alcohol .. in this session he got so high that he poured paint all over his head and face .. how pathetic , isnt it? How low will u get when you are high and want to please and entertain me? Poppers are a great tool to turn off your brain and become a... Read more →

yet again this paypiggy is attcted to me like a moth.. he keeps coming back to my private sessions and paying for me to relax while he is servicing my shoes, most of the time I am doing other things.. such as sending twitter messages how stupid he is! and when he begs me to let him cum, I have a better idea.. lets max out your credit card and use wife's one.. let's make her my paypiggie as well. OINK OINK he is not worthy any pleasure for his money, nor his wife's money Read more →

How does a Princess like me relax? .. well one of my favorite things to do is to shop till I drop! using your hard earned money of course.. this time I am using usedslut's credit card to pay for accessories to my house.. all that without even speaking to him.... just laughing every time I press PURCHASE , knowing he gets an email notification ! I get them too , as all of his emails are automatically coming to my inbox.. yes piggy, clicking and laughing is so relaxing.. while you wank your useless dick, thinking how to pay... Read more →