Brag wall update
Brag wall update. Financial Domination

Forced Intoxication Phone leads to Blackmail

Kris found me on google searching for froced intoxication and poppers.. he has been a good lsut drinking pig on the phone 3 days in a row now, drinking with his balls tied up really tight, rope on his neck and getting all fucked up..  what a good slut! 


listen to his pathetic voice during his forced intoxication phone call where he begs me to be blackmailed.

Download KrisLISTEN

Kris and his pathetic wife Hilda are going to be sluts from Luxemburg.

He  is already addicted to poppers and now combines with my sexy accent , he will get fucked up as often as possible.

He is going to be my newest blackmail pig and popper sniffer to my command.


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