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BirthDay Story - by slave george

I did not edit the storry , so  there may be typos and  grammar mistakes. He is not  speaking English  as his first language.  Mistress Lilyan



DATE – 13.07.12


As it is a big event Mistress called me on her Birthday for service at his bungalow at sharp
6.00 AM and I am very happy that today I will be able to please my mistress with my work.
Brilliant mistress already given order to another slave to fulfill all food arrangements and I
am having all cleaning activities at his house since I am a poor slave.

I reached at mistress Bungalow at 5.30, it is beautiful house. From outside it is painted with
light color and there is all over green plants and amazing scene. There is a Big gate I am
standing there to wait till 6.00 O’clock because if I will go early then mistress may be angry
and I will loose my chance to serve mistress. At sharp 6.00 I knocked that door of mistress
house, one security slave opened the door and told me to go in changing room as slave are
not allowed in full dress.

I went there and I kept my jeans and tee there and I am in my under pants. He given me a
slave belt, It was a thick black belt and Mistress lilyan’s slave is embossed over there. I tighten
in my neck and I am feeling proud that I am property of such a beautiful and brilliant mistress.
Today is the day where Mistress want to use me and I want to perform my work best.

I went inside on my four legs like a dog because mistress don’t like that her slave stand
in front of her on his legs, slave should always on his knees and they can focus to see her
beautiful divine feet and heels.

I have started my work which is allotted to me like cleaning of lawn, floor and each and every
leaf of plants and it is instructions that all should look like new. I was doing my work with
very dedication till time i.e. 10.00 AM I have not seen mistress because she is very busy till
night in sessions and I am not allowed to go inside to that beautiful house since it is a home
of divine mistress and I am very tiny slave in front of her. Still I am again and again looking
towards house so that I can see my mistress.

At 10.30 a servant of mistress came to lawn and put a beautiful artistic white chair there,
hand rest of that chair was golden. He also put a small foot stool below chair.

After some time I saw that mistress came out of home and sat on the chair and put her divine
feet on stool. slowly I moved my plant leaf cleaning work towards mistress. Now I was in
fornt of mistress, Mistress was wearing beautiful red dress and black stocking and red sling

back heels.

Mistress asked servant – Who is that guy

Servant – Your foot slave George

Mistress – Call Him there,

Servant called me I came to mistress on my knees.

Mistress – have all work done.

Me – yes mistress work is going on but it will take some more hours.

Mistress – come near to my feet, and indicated to water and told wash my feet in that bowl.

Me – I have taken a bowl and warm water to clean and wash mistress divine feet. Mistress
put her feet on my head and told to remove her shoes, she was wearing her home shoes of off
white color.

I removed one shoe and tried to smell that beautiful perfume but mistress slapped me by her
foot then I removed her both shoes. I touched those divine Red toes and long first finger of
mistress which is always in my dreams. I am feeling great and after touching those nails, toes
and foot I am full with energy for mistress work

After foot bath mistress told me to drink that water so that my soul and each part of body
will be fill with mistress scent. I am very much glad to drink that water which is mixed with
mistress foot sweat, dirt. I drunk that and I am totally dedicated for mistress and started my

I completed my work by 4.00 PM and everything is looking like new. Mistress seen that and
mistress told me to stay till party ends but I am not allowed to go inside the party. i am
waiting outside party hall till 10.00 PM but nobody came out of hall. I am feeling very hungry.
At 10.15 mistress came and old me that I will call you in party and if you are hungry you can
eat too.

Mistress called me after 5 Min. and there was all mistress girl friends approx. 25 Nos.. As
usual I was on my knees. Mistress introduced me as foot slave to all.

Mistress – Before doing announcement I want to show that how I take care of my slaves.
Mistress dropped a piece of Chocolate cake on her silver hells and told me to eat and clean as
new. I Done slowly I eaten 3 Pc. Of cake with mistress feet.


Being mistress dedicated slave mistress announced to CELEBRATE FOOT SLAVE BIRTHDAY on
17th July’12. I was very happy that after 4 days my birthday will be celebrated by mistress.


I reached to mistress home at 6.00 PM for my birthday celebration. I was wearing black suit
and black shoes.

When I reached their mistress was walking on lawn along with two real pet puppies. Mistress
told me to see arrangement in party hall, also told that I am having different costume for
you. You have to wear that. It is only one hour party I have called 15 of my special slave and 5

Party started at 7.30 PM all reached on time for party after all mistress invited to all.

Mistress – she announced today I am having a special costume for my foot slave George, first
let him change the consumes. Mistress given me a box.

I have opened that box I seen one ladies panty and one very small tee.

It is mistress order so I can’t even argue being a submissive slave. I wear that and came to
party everybody is looking to me with smiling face but I adore mistress so I am happy because
she is happy.

Mistress was drinking Vodka and almost she finished 4 pegs, Now it was time to cut cake
mistress kept cake on floor and told me to cut cake, I cut cake and mistress told me not to give
anybody because brilliant mistress is having some idea.

Mistress kept her white high heels on chocolate cake and told me to eat cake from my feet. It
was again a privilege for me to serve my beautiful goddess so I enjoyed eating cake.

After cake distribution brilliant mistress announces I am having on e more surprise to birthday
slave. She went inside and came along with a glass of water and given to me.

She announces – All slaves who will celebrate his birthday like this will get a glass of my
Vodka pee to drink on this occasion so that your each part of body will be mine and I can use
you anywhere.

At the time of Dinner mistress given me food which is tasted by her and she will not be able to
eat. So all waste food of mistress given to me.

All slave which are here has to celebrate birthday in this way and tribute to celebrate slave’s
birthday is $ 20000 which is compulsory so that you all can enjoy these fantasies.




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Mistress thanks a lot to publish your foot slave story on your great site. i am very much glad to see that here and i will continue to write such stories in to please you and will always be your submissive slave till end of my life.

foot slave george

Mistress I have mailed you one more story of a tour with Mistress Lilyan. Please read that story also you will enjoy to read how I can degrade myself for you. Please Mistress. In that story I have taken care your instruction by keeping all M in capital letters. Mistress I will always obey your order like a pet puppy.

Your foot addict pet puppy


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