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paypiggy marco again!

love wearing my designer sunglasses from marco piggy I got few months ago, now marco is back on a 12 weeks contract for 1 gift a week, every Monday he must spend his hard earned $$ to please me or he will be in trouble, as I have plenty of information about him after our teamviewer sessions in the past and I am sure more in the future. He already sent me some Dior Beauty products and a devine white dress from my amazon wish list. this is in piggys own words: "You are not a man to me, but... Read more →

Proper emailing

If you want my attention make sure your email is written properly! I will not respond to one lineres with no information besides: i want to serve you.. yeah? so does 1000 of others.. why should I take my time and reply to you? here is a lesson in proper emailing: Stunning Mistress Lilyan, i am 24 years old from London UK and have looked at Your website for many months now, longing for You to take control of my finances and drain my wallet. i only earn £26,000 a year ($40,000), but i dream of being forced to live... Read more →