Another Blackmail Contract Signed
Proper emailing

Update: teamviewer, blackmail, financial domination, humiliation

Busy Busy!!

so just a short update: Snapshot3

Joa- still trapped in a blackmail contract , loving the control over this young sub, there is no escape and he knows he has to be obedient . He is like a puppy in love, serving me makes him wag his tail!

robbie - paid up his $400 Royal Birthday Blackmail Game fees and has been trapped for good now! I have his full info, personal and business  - he now depends on my good mood not to expose him..I could wake up tomorrow , in a really fucked up mood and decide robbie needs to be punished for that... Unless he signs  the contract quick!

brandon- prepared his blackmail page yesterday.  contains all fines I have from him. His face pictures, naked pictures, facebook contacts, his resume with full info!! ( ahh eye candy - better than his small dick ) and his mom's credits card image - front, but in a day or 2 if he doesn't pay up, there will be the back image as well.. oh  fuck!

steve - new slave begged me to rape him financially - took what I could via teamviewer - and will continue raping him on a weekly basis. NO escape for him now, I have all of his info as well ..

usedslut - perfect for wallet raping, I keep shopping ebay and he keeps paying, as he is on $1500 monthly  contract , if you read earlier posts about him ( ukrainian wanker).  For my entertainment he amuses me on cam, while I come up with nasty shit for him to do.. literally.. LOL pictures too graphic to post here, but will be available on my slaves exposed blog sometime soon .

next to blackmail : den and curiousrob.. it may take me a while, as I am busy but it will happen!

shawn - he is so weak for me, and I know exactly how to lure him in, he is surrendering to my power several times a week, for a blissful session of seduction and mindfuckery!

oldidiot - continues to visit my private sessions and pay per minute to let me relax while I rape his wallet, give him nothing in return. Quite often I will update my twitter account while he pays to sit there! Quite often I will not even stay on camera, he is not really worthy of seeing me, he is blessed when he can stare and wank over my empty floor or shoes..  hes been doing it for over a year I think.. raping his and his ugly foot wives's credit cards-  such a turn on!

popper - he so craves poppers, one bottle is not enough ! he needs 3  for variety, so he can change it up , and sniff 2 at the same time. getting high and marking his territory with cum all over the city entertains me.. first it was wife's closet he peed in, spraying all of her clothes, then cum in her shoe, now he visits his ex gf yard and cums in her grass.. On my agenda, make him cum on her porch, preferable her door handle. popper has sessions almost daily, wanking and sniffing, in car, desk at work, desk in home office, his own bed, bathroom , anywhere and anytime is good!

hosiery - my puppy had his first cam session with me!  he could barely handle his phone time with me, but I lured him into my webcam room, and free chat .. and now he doesn't think he could go back! His giddy attitude, his weakness for my nyloned legs and feet just make me smile.. :) He has been adding to my shoe and house slipper closet on a regular basis , on top of other cash tributes for Mistress just because I am fabulous!!

there is much more to update, but I am running out of time, will post again soon..






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Mistress knows exactly how to use your weaknesses against you and then exploit you to no end!!

Hey there! I've been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to
go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas!
Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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