Royal Birthday Update!
Another money slavery contract

Peek into My Royal Email : teamviewer, forced intoxication, poppers

Mistress, I have been reading your website this evening. I have pored over it in detail and been reading it in great detail. It is very satisfying. I get an erotic charge from your words.

LilyanLegs I love your interest in      

forced intox, and especially that you like guys to drink and take poppers. You even provide a link to buy them. I promised to buy some poppers and alcohol before I speak to you next. Now that I have read your website again, I am excited by the prospect. I also love your fascination with control. That is what I crave. Your combination of sexiness, great legs, and a desire to control and use, are a dream to me. I promise that the next time I contact you, I won't disappoint you financially. I would like to pay you a large amount up from, and then pay to see your

fabulous legs, and also have you control, pressure and take advantage of me on top of that. As you say on your website, I will make sure my account is full, and I have more than enough credits, before we start, because you are right, I won't be capable of complex financial transactions by the end. I am also curious about Teamviewer. I don't understand all the details. It seems thrilling and, at the same time, utterly reckless! What happens in those sessions?
 Isn't that sexy? Yours, Andrew x


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