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Busy Busy!! so just a short update: Joa- still trapped in a blackmail contract , loving the control over this young sub, there is no escape and he knows he has to be obedient . He is like a puppy in love, serving me makes him wag his tail! robbie - paid up his $400 Royal Birthday Blackmail Game fees and has been trapped for good now! I have his full info, personal and business - he now depends on my good mood not to expose him..I could wake up tomorrow , in a really fucked up mood and decide... Read more →

Joa has been thinking about blackmail , and wanked over that thought for a while, he looked into it, yet never had the balls to do it. Till he met me! In a teamviewer session I quickly gathered information about him that he desperatelly needs to keep safe! Ahhh one of my favorite things ~ a victim willingly walking into my web , giving me all the poison to destroy him if I decide so.. one thing only that could protect him Blackmail Contract ~ and now he is trapped , but he feels safe as long as he obeys..... Read more →

robbie is back! I wonder how many times I have written this about him, he comes and goes! cums and goes..that old paypig is crawling to my feet begging for my mercy , since hi disobeyed my Royal Birthday Game! He owes me $400. Here is his half payment. Well this time I am not playing around, he is going to sign a financial domination contract for 12 months, and if he goes again, he will be puni$hed and buy out options will be set HIGH. My Financial Slavery Contract will be soon available for public! It is in its... Read more →

Mistress, I have been reading your website this evening. I have pored over it in detail and been reading it in great detail. It is very satisfying. I get an erotic charge from your words. I love your interest in forced intox, and especially that you like guys to drink and take poppers. You even provide a link to buy them. I promised to buy some poppers and alcohol before I speak to you next. Now that I have read your website again, I am excited by the prospect. I also love your fascination with control. That is what I... Read more →

All my loyal puppets, paypiggies, blackmail bitches have done a great job spoiling me this July for my Royal Birthday! I have a BIG SMILE just writing this post and sharing the presents I received.. Yes I could buy myself all of these and more, but receiving them from you feels a LOT better! This year I got some fabulous shoes from hosieryboy; Black Diamonds from adam; patio furniture, sonos system ,lots of make up and other smaller stuff from usedslut; another sonos system and Chopard sunglasses from marco; andy bought me some amazing furniture ( lucite table and chair),chandelier... Read more →

When it comes to financial domination I am an expert.. I know exactly what it takes to drive your adrenaline levels thru the roof! my ukrainian used slut tim has contacted me about 5 months ago and we agreed on a financial domination contract for 3 months.. What a ride that was! $1000 a month eBay/amazon/credit card spending agreement for me plus his phone calls in addition.. He loved every bit of it and so did I . used slut truly lives up to his name, he loved the financial abuse and he wanked over every ebay notification they sent... Read more →