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robbie keeps paying

Another money slavery contract

robbie is back! I wonder how many times I have written this about him, he comes and  goes! 043  cums and goes..that old paypig is crawling to my feet begging for my mercy , since hi disobeyed my Royal Birthday Game! He owes me $400. Here is his half payment.

Well this time I am not playing around, he is  going to sign a financial domination contract for 12 months, and if he goes again, he will be puni$hed and buy out options will be set HIGH.

My Financial Slavery Contract will be soon available for public! It is in its general form, it will be customized to each paypiggy after the initial talk/ interview.

If you cant wait , contact me and I can get you trapped just like robbie , before it will be available to the public!

Email me and be prepared to be financially used and milked !

Mistress Lilyan



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i try to deny my addiction and love to Mistress Lilyan. It is a dream to give her access to everything i have, body, wallet and soul. She has trapped me once again. I know that i have met my fate. A contract will keep me on the edge to be a profitable object for her. I am wanking and crying at the same time.

i have come back to Mistress. Now she has all opportunities to fuck me up totally for the rest of my life. i am sure she will take good bite of my monthly pension.

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