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I love teamviewer sessions, the control turns me on! Read what S. had to tell after his first session ever! If you are on the edge of getting your own session - read this! He LOVED IT! in PDF file. First time published, get it now! my sessions run at $100 per 30 minutes, sometimes I stay longer, if I find it interesting, but do not expect it, especially if I have a line of slaves waiting to be abused! if you are new with questions buy the info kit here Read more →

As promised all disobedient bitches will be P U N I $ H E D !! as they should! I already created 2 pages for forrest and den, I am not surprsed in fxxx, he gets off on blackmail so much I kind of figured he will go down that road, but den !? one of my best sub boys, and he disrespects my Royal Birthday? He knew the rules well, so his excuse was so lame!! I was gone on July 13.. do I care?? We live in a 21st century of internet accessible everywhere if you need it!... Read more →

I have been very busy since my birthday! But , just to let you know, all of you disobedient bitches who did not obey my Birthday Blackmail Game are on my TO DO list! Blackmail is coming... and you consented to it! I am getting turnd on just by planning it!!! some names on my list: robbie, drew, forest, rod, morrison, josh,curiousrob,beast,den that's just some names I remember.. I congratulate all the ones who played my game , I know you enjoyed the thrill and your information is safe in my files! Read more →

TIK TOK time is almost up! When I wake up tomorrow I betetr have all the remining emails with gifts confirmation ... Some of the gifts for my Royal Birthday Celebration arrived already, I will open them while drinking a cup of java, and will present themt o my girlfriends that will arrive for a small intimate party late afternoon! I have to say I am impressed with my boys, they have been very obedient, well most of them! I got some fabulous gifts that I will love for a long time.. Once, because I only select the items I... Read more →

Yesterday I trapped a new slave marco into my teamviewer session.. oh he had 2 sessions already, 2 days in a row, the excitement is thrilling ! OMG he has so much shemale porn on his pc.. if only his facebook friends knew! I collected a lot of information , and of course since it is Birthdy Countown, he had no choice but shop for my birthday gift .. he bought me beautiful Chopard Sunglasses, and I sat here watched him click , I was giggling , proud of myself, while he was hoping that was enough to keep his... Read more →

oh yes my boy toy andrew kept his word..not like he had a choice.. financially raped during our last phone call, used and left confused and unsure of what exactly happened.. He loved every minute of it though! Celebration of My Royal Birthday has started! We maxed out his credit card that day. Total over $1000 plus phone charges! Such a TURN ON!! want to experience the same thril!? call my Financial Domination Phone Line and / or shop my wish lists! amazon or neiman marcus If being a money slave is your turn on you must have these! Greedy... Read more →

Royal Birthday Countdown 5 days to go! BLACKMAIL GAME

So.. your dick started tingling when you read BLACKMAIL word? I know how the thought of being blackmailed gets you hard and horny.. so I came up with the thrilling game to celebrate My Royal Birthday July 13th. I love to be spoiled , and your duty is to serve and make me happy! Game part 1. Think about the information I have on you.. full name? address? phone number? work number or address? family contacts? facebook contacts? How could I expose you..think about it for a moment.. (if we never played before, it is high time you surrender to... Read more →

here is a perfect example how a good puppet shows his devotion I just ordered your birthday present my supreme Goddess!! What a rush it is for me to purchase shoes for you!! I can imagine your gorgeous feet inside them, stockings and all, and then you slipping out of those shoes and pressing your feet against my face!!! Ohhh, the intoxication for this puppy!!!!! My tail is wagging Mistress!! I expect to call you soon, before your actual birthday on the 13th. You own me indeed Mistress!! Your submissive and obedient boy if you are on my website reading... Read more →