Royal Birthday Countdown! Time is almost up!
Royal Birthday Blackmail summary! Drinking to your stupidity!

Busy Queen - Blackmail is coming!!

I have been very busy since my birthday! Snapshot198  But , just to let you know, all of you disobedient bitches who did not obey my Birthday Blackmail Game are on my TO DO list! 

Blackmail is coming... and you consented to it! I am getting turnd on just by planning it!!! 

some names on my list: robbie, drew, forest, rod, morrison, josh,curiousrob,beast,den  that's just some names I remember.. 

I congratulate all the ones who played my game , I know you enjoyed the thrill and your information is safe in my files! 


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i have started to pay. i am very unhappy not congratulating Mistress on her birthday. My debt will be heavy to pay off.


"Blackmail is coming... and you consented to it! I am getting turnd on just by planning it!!!"

This blog post, combined with the photo have to be the hottest blog post i have seen anywhere.

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