Busy Queen - Blackmail is coming!!
Teamviewer session confession!

Royal Birthday Blackmail summary! Drinking to your stupidity!

As promised all disobedient bitches will be   P U N I $ H E D !!  as they should!

I already created 2 pages for  forrest and den, I am not surprsed in fxxx, he gets off on blackmail so much I kind of figured he will go down that road, but den !? one of my best sub boys, and he disrespects my Royal Birthday?  He knew the rules well, so his excuse was so lame!! I was gone  on July 13.. do I care??


We live in a 21st century of internet accessible everywhere if you need it! so there is no excuses, as I mention in earlier post - not knowing the law is no excuse, and not being home in in none either!

They are both facing the $400 administration fee to password protect their pages..

if your name is mentioned below, you can pay the fee right away , without me exposing you - and risking somebody catching you by googling your name! Yes I am that considerate!!


brandon, robbie, drew, josh, beast, curiousrob, morrison,

you know how to find me, and get the $400 ready. If not, thats fine too! I will create your page , and maybe wait till google catches up on it, before I let you know :)


On the bright side ,  none of the subs who were celebrating my Royal Birthday went below the $100,  which means they are safe from blackmail!

congratulations boys, you get few more months to breathe:)

I have received tons of gift cards and some amazing presents from my wish list!

Will post them on my brag wall soon



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You certainly outdid yourself with this update. Color me impressed.


What a gem :) It's too bad more folks don't know about this site, this article
covered just the thing I needed today!!!

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