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June 23, 2012


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Mistress i am your paypiggie and i love to read your such reviews. I love when you are happy and apart from your happyness i dont want anything.

Mistress i love to sacrifice even one time food for your enjoyment or to keep your feet and toes painted and beautiful.

i am your honest and obedient petpuppy and love to see and read your each update on site. Now i am very much addicted to your Divine feet and toes. i cant live without seeing them daily and that long first finger "i love them my goddess".

Your obedient, honest, addicted foot slave Doggy



Mistress, from last one week i decided not to open your site but today after only 4 days i am not able to resist myself to open your divine site.

As you said right i want to be under your control and i enjoy when you put your divine feet and heels on my hard earned money,it shows that i am in a very degraded by you and i am a very tiny dirt of your divine heels.

But mistress it is my pleasure that my hard earned money is under your heels and can give you smile.

Your foot slave

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