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Financial Domination is one of the biggest turns on for me.. Its not that I need the money, it is never about that.. It is about the power I gain when I make my subs weak and willing to sacrifice for me.. lets look at a typical man, he works hours and hours every day, some get paid well, some slave for mare few coins.. but in most cases work is such a big part of their lives.. and there is me, easily taking the fruits of their work.. making them work hard, spend most of their waking time earning... Read more →

Yes I LOVE to be spoiled! you know how hard you work and how much you love buying me gifts! Sonos Play 5 from adam, fabulous whole house system. I need 2 more..Sonos 3 play for other rooms.. buy them here.. Buy it now Swarovski exquisite tray, for my mirrored desk, to carry my Swarovski pens! from jonathan Luxury Dior makeup from popper , while sniffing his poppers:) Decadent Longines Yellow Gold and DIAMONDS Watch OMG so precious! from adam and vanity mirrored collection , so glam!! from ukrainian tim !! LOVE LOVE!! Read more →

Like I mentioned before I am in the middle of furnishing my office, so excited about it.. It will be so glam in old hollywood style. Well some of my paypiggies have been honored with a chance to contribute towards my office furniture and accessories! you still have a chance to contribute, hurry before it is too late! BUY ITEMS HERE New Office Wish List so my paypiggy tim, from Ukraine, loves when I abuse him and that I dont even care.. so I decided he will be responsible for one big payment for the furniture company! My order was... Read more →

He has been regularly sniffing for me for about a year! Yes! He loved it so much he cannot live without poppers and getting high.. but today he had no time to get poppers before work.. 5.30 am driving and horny.. Last night we planned he will go visit bathhouse and see what is was about. His first time! They however do not sell poppers ( sign.. hint hint! ) so my addict , popperless was going to try just fun jerking off in a bathhouse , watching some porn. He already started watching smoking porn on ipad while driving... Read more →

OMG more gifts for Me! Jeweled Victoria's Secret Limited editin Angel perfume - one of my favs! and Dior Addict Be Iconic Limited Edition Kate Moss mirror - from ukrainian tim Dior make up, miniature perfume set from popper! he loves shopping while sniffing his poppers. Fabuloys Melissa Pink pumps from hosieryboy Dior Miss Dior Cherie Perfume from andrew and more from popper- swarovski jeweled hair pins! cuttest ever! welld one boys:) you shure know how to put a smile on my face! Read more →

Got this sub to go to Apple store and overnight me 2 Iphone 4s phones. Black and White, keeping white, giving black to my sister.. that's right, what an honor for adam to spoil both of us! My current Iphone4 is white too, got it from my subbie last year. Nice upgrade adam, I know you could not resist my hypnotic voice and hard dick in your pants when you paid for these, am I right? financial domination is one of my biggest turns on, such pleasure to make someone sacrifice their $$ for my decadent lifestyle. I understand the... Read more →

Hello Mistress , this is slave sherif 37 , years old . i seek to found a very strong Mistress who like to blackmail without any of mercy , i ask about blackmail because i know it is a total powerful over my life , work , computer , financial , friends ..etc and i ask about blackmail because i control everything in my life and No one say to me NO , so i seek to found a Mistress who will forced me in my life and control everything as she like , so i hope Mistress if you... Read more →

My good puppies have been tributing towards my new house and it is time to furnish my decadent office It is being painted as I write this, pretty charcoal color, cant wait! I selected fabulous furniture for my office, the best of the line mirrored desk, sideboard and a vanity! Thousands of your $$ went into this set and I will have a smile every day I enter my luxe office, knowing it all came to me so easy.. while you worked hard to earn it! Imagine me sitting behind this fabulous Regency desk, and read your emails, and answer... Read more →

Hello Miss, And thank You in advance for taking Your time to read this. I would kindly ask You to accept my application as an online slave. Due to the fact that I live with a girlfriend for now I cannot send you tributes but i am alone in the house for 8 hours/day (except weekends) and I thought that in this time I can join survey sites and earn money for You. I am a very hard worker and I am sure that I will not disappoint you. I just ask that you tell me what is the best... Read more →