Peek into My Royal Email : foot slave
are you addicted to poppers?

Peek into My Royal Email : foot slave

Mistress Lilyan,  044
I am your foot slave my age is 23 male. Two months back i have seen you on webcam and since then i am looking for you. I am searching for you but two days back i got you in google and i am on your site continuously from last two days also i am trying to contact you over mail, since then i am not able to sleep, i think this is a part of your slave treatment so that he feel some pain by mistress. Mistress day and night i am thinking about you and your feet and beautiful toes.
I have read your complete site in these two days and i understood what do you want from me.
Mistress i want to tell you something, " This is my first time when i am interacting with a beautiful and dominant mistress. Mistress first time i saw your beautiful feet in black heels on live cam and i was shocked to see those beautiful feet, heel and sexy toes.
From my childhood i was very crazy about girls shoes i don't know why? But whenever i went on shop to bring my shoes, at that time i am looking more in girls section. I love heels specially high heels from my childhood. I think this is the reason when i saw your heels and feet " I LOVE THEM" because no one can control if those feet are infornt of somebody. 
I like your bare feet very much which is very smooth are curves r too good and toes are lovely. Your toe nails are big for all fingers and when you paint them in red and pink color then it cannot resist anybody to think about licking mistress toes. what i observed your second foot finger is so long and beautiful that it is bigger then your foot thump and looks very attractive. When you insert your divine feet in to heels at that time second finger gets inside heels first and looks very beautiful. this i saw in a heel dangling clip on youtube where you are dangling black heels and your divine toes are red. it was amazing.
Mistress i am a submissive poor slave but i am committed for you. 
I want to be your foot dog, foot piggie, foot stool anything you want but put your feet or heels always on my head so that i can't raise my head infront of you and you crush my man ego completely under your foot and make me your perfect slave or servant.
Mistress please have a look to your footboy who is ready to make you happy and i am ready to take pain for your smile and i love if you will laugh on me when i am in pain.
Your Foot dog slave


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Mistress Foot Dog

Goddess, Thanks you very much, i am very happy to see my mail here. Mistress the foot snap you attached with mail is amazing. I love your red toes and toe nail with small nail art of butterfly LOOKING GREAT. Goddess i am addicted to your foot. Please put your feet and heels always on my head.

Your foot dog


hi Miss all about you are nice vous etes manifique o wosh to kiss one time and after that i will be in satisfaction


Greetings Goddess Lilyan,
am born 2 B Ur personal pet dog,U R born 2 rule my life,& control me with Ur finger tips,my worth is zero,& less than Ur expensive heels, am born 2 survive at Ur waste & thrown ,spitted food,born 2 serve U whole life as Ur collared doggy,24 x7x365x till last breath.
Ur's personal pet doggy
Lilyan's doggy

Foot slave George

Goddess, i saw your video on youtube, there you told me that you are my new religion and you are god for me.

I have written this mail one year back and still my passion towards you is continuously increasing. You are my addiction now.

I cant think my life without you. i am totally committed to you my goddess.

Your foot slave George

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