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more shoes for Mistress!

I want to give special attention to my new puppy that has fallen  under my  spell and is now under my control.  He knows I have the most exquisite feet and legs , that make him weak ...on top of my precious voice of course !!

He purchased my used house shoes and  a pair of my worn pantyhose, and he was mine! My scent is so intoxicating he  easily got addicted.. Now he often indulges in  my fabulous scent .. what a lucky puppy!

puppy has purchased so many cute pairs of shoes for me! I think he purchased the most this year so far, when it comes to shoes! BRAVO PUPPY!!

here is a little  taste of the shoes puppy  got for me, more to come in future updates!

he bought the 2 pairs on the left! Melissa Shoes, I adore them!


he also got  the black  with red heel ones ,Ellie Shoes OMG so sexy!


popper bought the pink ones! Pour La Victoire Shoes

and sin bought the sparkly Bakers Shoes.



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I am a lucky puppy indeed!!! I adore Mistress and submit to her will. Mmmmmmmm!!!!

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