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SALUTE MISTRESS LILYAN, Today it was my first interaction with you my MISTRESS, i have seen you about two month back on, from that day i am searching for you but i never got u online. First time i have seen those beautiful feet, heels, painted toes, gorgeous face, beautiful fingers,lovely smile and amazing beauty. MISTRESS i am searching on Google from last two months for you but fortunately today i seen your snap while searching on Google and i am so lucky and it was my pleasure that i found you online on your site for 5 minutes.... Read more →

I enjoy foot fetish and I would say it is one of my specialities. I do understand the fetish very well, I know how addicted one can get to my perfect feet, pedicured toes and royal scent.. the way they look in high stilettos, in heer nylons , or bare in my sandals.. Below: puppet got my worn house shoes , to sniff and worship them.. He owns 3 pairs already, plus some of my worn nylons.. what a treat for that horny addict! I really love speaking to him over the phone, he is so giddy when he hears... Read more →

Mistress Lilyan, I am your foot slave my age is 23 male. Two months back i have seen you on webcam and since then i am looking for you. I am searching for you but two days back i got you in google and i am on your site continuously from last two days also i am trying to contact you over mail, since then i am not able to sleep, i think this is a part of your slave treatment so that he feel some pain by mistress. Mistress day and night i am thinking about you and your... Read more →

hello mistress! i'm slave nick, i'm a 16 year old loser from germany. i'm all alone sitting in front of my computer and worshiping you cause you're worth it, you're a GODDESS! i'd quite like to become your slave. i do whatever you want. thers just one problem: as i'm not 18 years old yet i cannot send you money on paypal or something like that. BUT i could buy paysafe cards for you and then send you the code. and by the time i'm 18 i would also come to your country ( as i have seen its portugal)... Read more →

Hello Mistress Sorry to bother you, it's just further to my ridiculous request for you delete stuff from my PC. So stupid and pathetic that I can not understand why it's a turn on. But it is. So, if you do have time and it still amuses you then you may wish to start by deleting all emails and contacts that don't interest you. Then move on to files and pictures Then finally deleting programs, games, applications etc that I might have paid for leaving me with just a bare basic set up to allow internet access for shopping, webcam,... Read more →

I want to give special attention to my new puppy that has fallen under my spell and is now under my control. He knows I have the most exquisite feet and legs , that make him weak ...on top of my precious voice of course !! He purchased my used house shoes and a pair of my worn pantyhose, and he was mine! My scent is so intoxicating he easily got addicted.. Now he often indulges in my fabulous scent .. what a lucky puppy! puppy has purchased so many cute pairs of shoes for me! I think he purchased... Read more →

he was lucky to find me in March of 2012 when he first found my website. he could not resist the images of perfction, the words of destrtuctions and seductivness.. he craved to contact me and he did.. I wouldn't ever want to talk to him before he proved himself to me.. I get so many time wasters I am really picky who gets my attention ! he knew he had to step up in the game and quicky emailed me he had sent me 2 gifts of my wish list for the total of $100 ..not bad.. we chatted... Read more →

work still in progress, it goes slow but the outcome is amazing! I change my mind a lot , that drived my designer and my artist lady crazy! but they want me happy!!!! This image is a part of dining room being stenciled, cream color wall with pearl white stencil on top.. all over the wall.. all my NF CALLS on financial domination are paying her wages! keep calling! and this is how I used the money boys have loaded to my visa ! yes directly to my visa! yay! I went to the chandelier store and bought all Swarovski... Read more →

what do you feel when you watch this ? if you are into financial domination it will make you horny, deeply motivate you to contact me.. seeing the way I should be served right now.. and tomorrow and the next day,forever, you adjusting your way of live to make me your priority..your dick wants to pay.. you know you cannot resist me, you call yourself a moneyslave, you crave to be financially used and raped! call me now.. or if you are new buy my yahoo ID to surrender.. Introduce yourself to me, tell me about your financial domination fantasy.. Read more →