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Solid White Glamorous Latex Lined Bathing Turban from popper Sliding Into Home , I like Kendra. bought with gift certificate Hef's Little Black Book bought with gift cert. Vanity Fair (1-year auto-renewal) matty got the subscription for me Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid SPF 50, 1.4 fl. oz. popper bought it Givenchy Hoisery - Leg Apparel Women's Floral Garter Backseam Sheer Tight - great buy! from popper and steve White Swim Bathing Turban Cap With Ruffled Fabric popper bougth it Bond 6975 Pink 2 Piece Garden Pruning Set With Lopper & Pruner yes, pink is a must while gardening,bought with... Read more →

Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics, Chocolate & Raspberry, oh yes I love chocolate raspberry! this is heaven! popper bought it. Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths - Normal to Dry 120 Cloths these are a must every night, love them! popper bought them. Yves Saint Laurent Love Umbrella brightens up a rainy day! popper bought it. Godinger FIORI CANDY DISH/RACK from popper. The Acupressure Atlas I want to learn acupressure, got the book from popper. Mind Control Language Patterns oh self explanatory! sin bought it. InStyle (1-year auto-renewal) from den Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Women's Anglomania Ultragirl VI Pump OMG... Read more →

As many of you know I have moved into my dream house about 6 months ago, and some of my best subs were honored with the opportunity to send their offerings towards my furnishings and decor.. you can see lots of decor purchased on my wish list , cash collected via tributes went towards paying contractors.. this week, I am adding art touches to the paint on the walls in the living room.. long process, and have kept me very busy! If you called my phone lines and I did not pick up, it is probably because I have people... Read more →

while on the call with me, my subbie was sniffing poppers and spending his $$ , before he left for Easter dinner with family.. haha ...I am his priority..I dressed him up nicely in Easter pastel colors, he will be wearing his butt plug to the dinner , just to keep his mind on me.. he would think of me anyway! while sniffing poppers he visited my wishlist and spent $225 on gift cards . How sweet .. he loves forced intoxication mixed with hypnotism and financial slavery and domination. He is willing to do anything for me when high..... Read more →

its been a 3 h call so far of forced intoxication with poppers ... andy is my hypnotized drone, that will do anything to please me.. he just spent $225 on gifts cards on my wishlist, and he is pumping his nipples for me.. Andy is sniffing poppers poured on the cloth.. secured with rubber bands.. call me for forced intoxication session with poppers or alcohol click here CLICK TO GET POPPERS The largest selection of poppers on the net. Featuring Rush, Jungle Juice, Brown bottle, Amsterdam Poppers and more. Read more →

if you know me well you know I LOVE nylons!! pantyhose, stockings, garter belts to go with them.. they are just so sexy! Aren't they! here are some I got from poppers and steve. Givenchy Hoisery - Leg Apparel Women's Floral Garter Backseam Sheer Tight Givenchy Women's Mesh Garter Sheer Tights Givenchy Women's Swiss Dot Lace Backseam Tights Givenchy Women's Backseam Panel Sheer Tights now that I got your dicks attention, I am sure you wonder how seductive they look on my legs! book your private session with me and you will get the privilege of seeing them live on... Read more →

I made mark save $1000 and then I sent him to Macy's to shop for me! mark has a huge weakens for financial domination, and he craves to be treated like a paypig. Financial domination is one of my favorite fetishes... Oh I have an expensive taste! Since I just moved to a new house, I wanted all brand new towels.. $75 each I have 2 full sets, total was just under $1000..I am sure you slaves use towels from Dollar Store, and if not, you should! mark was so horny, financially dominated by me, that that money slave wanked... Read more →

Oli has been in chastity for close to 1 year now I believe.. September 26 2012 (see his blog), to be exact.. and he has been my good slave on top of that sniffing poppers and drinking beer and vodka to my command.. I know he loves to be controlled and we have built a really close Mistress- slave relationship , very close to owning him..but not yet! yous till have work to do Oli! He is one of my best slaves for forced intoxication! CLICK TO GET POPPERS The largest selection of poppers on the net. Featuring Rush, Jungle... Read more →

Its been a looong time since I updated my brag wall, with all the gifts I received! it has all been bought on Amazon wish list thiis is just an example of what my mail is like every week:) Its like Christmas! see Bella gets interested too! I love opening the boxes and envelopes.. whats in there? Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Eclat d'Ete Bronzing Powder 04 Sunny Glow I Love YSL, and the price was a huge bargain! popper bought it! Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup Spf 15 great stuff, bought by popper Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish pH Bond... Read more →

I believe it is high time for a serious update on popper sniffing principal! Isn't it? He has been sniffing into addiction for a long time now, nothing can pull him away from this now.. I have brainwashed him and reprogrammed in 100's of sessions to obey and crave... see how obedient he was sniffing and cumming into his wife's shoe.. Read more →