cock control
Update on my gifts ! Shopping!

#Domination with #poppers #forcedintox

I believe it is  high time for a serious update on popper sniffing principal! Isn't it?

He has been sniffing into addiction for a long time now, nothing can pull him away from this now..

I have brainwashed him and reprogrammed in 100's of sessions to obey and crave...

see how obedient he was sniffing and cumming into his wife's shoe..






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I ve already had one real teamviewer session but never been into forcedintox domination. YOu could do it with me even you do nt know me at all Mistress. I think you would like to know more about me and to scan my comp. Thanks for ur time to read my comment Mistress

Sissy Samantha

Amazing!!! Mistress has the power to brainwash and reprogram!! If it feels right, climb aboard the Mistress Lilyan train. She is brainwashing and reprogramming me, and I am a happy and obedient bitch for her!!! You could be next :)

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