Forced intox session and financial domination
2nd Annual BoyToy Report 2011

Sexy Shoes story part 2.

this is the continuation to the story I posted previously, look in past posts.

As usual, there was a note of warning in her tone. Eric had learned, painfully, the cost of failing her.

He nodded quickly, "Yes, Goddess.  Everything is ready for you."

Lilyan reached down to pat him on the head and started up the stairs to dress for the evening. Cautiously, Eric looked up at her longingly.

"Make sure my bed is turned down.  And chill some champaign.  Then lock yourself up for the night, understood?" she called over her shoulder. 

"Yes, Goddess."

At the top of the stairs, she looked back. Eric lowered his gaze quickly, praying she had not noticed. 

"And breakfast in bed at 8.  For two...  Actually, make it 9...  I'm planning on a late night."


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