He belongs to Lilyan- story
Queen has been busy with her subs! teamviewer, poppers, findom

Sexy Boots - story

Lilyan is trying on her new boots.  She hears me in the other room with a plastic gift bag.  She asks me to come for my opinion.  She asks what I have in the bag.  She takes it and pulls out a full body harness.  She asks what is its function.  I reply to increase loyalty for a male to serve.  She soon is tightening the buckles so I am unable to get out of the harness without her assistance and the collar design restricts my head movement.  She is pleased and finds also in the bag spurs to fit to her boots. Also in the bag are head harness with bit with reins attached.  She states before I put you into training, my boots need their first cleaning. 

it was not I I with the package but I bumped into Miss Lilyan at the department store, she had many packages, I did not know this beautiful woman ever before, or so I thought as I recall nothing since a minor MVA when I bumped my head and experienced complete amnesia from prior to 6 months ago.  She seemed very familiar and very charming when she accepted my offer to carry her goods to her car.  She wore a business suit, dark brown with dark brown boots with slender heels. 

When I placed her goods in the trunk of her car she asked If I like arabic coffee?  I was not sure but accepted her invitation.  I followed her car as planned and parked outside her attractive home.  After the coffee I thought she was very relaxed and noticed my looking at her boots and nice legs.  She smiled and asked If I liked her type.  I replied yes, that's why I offered to help her.  She suggested I go into the side bedroom to make myself comfortable and can shower also.  I felt exciting and also nervous as I lathered the soap in the warm water over my body. 
When I came out of the en-suite,  I saw Miss Lilyan was wearing tight pants with long boots, holding some leather straps.  She placed a firm gloved hand on my shoulder to turn my back to her and whipped my towel away so I was naked.  Soon she pulled the harness up between my legs and  I felt drained of any personal freedom.  She turned me around and attached a leash to my collar, turned around and led me out into the living room.  She told me to get down on my knees and I complied.  She said "so you like my type, do you?  Did you know what my type likes to do with ones like you? " 
"My boots, lick them"  I complied as I had no choice.  I could smell the scent of her expensive women's boots.  After she was satisfied her boots were perfectly clean I felt her place from above me a restraint into my mouth and pull a head harness tight around with the creaking of leather.  "stand up"  My harness had stirrups hanging by my side and I realised I was completely under her spell now as she led me by my leash from one part of the home to the other.  Soon Miss Lilyan stood on a kitchen chair and sat squarely on my shoulders from behind as I stood with my back to her. I saw her lovely booted legs parted either side of my view and felt her feminine body weight.  Standing with her boots firmly in her stirrups, I felt her weight and heard the creaking of leather. She took the leash and attached both ends to my head harness an held tightly her mount that I was now under her complete control to be ridden by her.


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