Sexy Boots - story
cock control

Queen has been busy with her subs! teamviewer, poppers, findom

 I have so much to update, this is just a preview , a taste of what is coming in near future!  I have so much material to write about, and never enough time. my subbies  need me so much, I spend hours on the phone, training them, abusing them, doing teamviewer sessions and cam sessions.  I know how much some of you love to be exposed, how some of you love to read about my boytoys..  Stay tuned!

maybe it is your lucky day and you will be included in this preview?  if not, keep checking back!

wanking loser from Ukraine. Been raping his wallet via amazon and his mastercard  for days now. He had a 3 months contract for $1000 for my shopping only, plus calls.. lots of calls!!  But that is not all.. he loves teamviewer!


Shawn has been in my web for a long time , close to  a year, he doesn't know how to get out of it.. or perhaps he doesn't want to!  or both! he loves teamviewer!


stevie is a good boy who craved teamviewer control too! And expecting more  very soon.. good boy, crawl under my feet and obey..

not to mention almost daily exploitation of my popper sniffer who is so hooked he will never be free.. But what I give him is so wonderful, I know what he knees, like nobody else does! isnt that right sniffer?


and yet another teamviewer lover, Chris, who could not resist losing all of his control!

He read about my teamviewer session  with ian, that I posted about on my blog, and he got so excited he had to try it! Oh and yes he loved it.  you can see he still has the story opened when i took over his pc.  I am sure he will be back.



another teamviewer session with den's pc! Oh and his credit card  on amazon, he loves shopping for me, while I hypnotize him with my ... that is my secret haha! den has been in my web for a long time, he is a black book boytoy! 



and last but not least , one of my new fav puppies who adores me! he has bought me so many delicious pairs of shoes! I will take pictures of them soon! But this is one sexy pair for you right now. I love them.. don't you? that puppy is wagging his tail I am sure... good job!


those updates are coming up  as soon as I have some free time to sit down , with a cup of coffee and write. I love sharing my experiences on my blog, some get inspired by it, some motivated, some scared! yet all of them have this urge to serve me and please me..

Ahh tough life of a Goddess!

off to bed boys!

your Queen


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Mistress Lilyan has a superior hand with Teamviewer. Both my computors are now controlled. This is a perfect way to submit and to be used. this availability for Goddess makes her powerful and makes you enough scared to keep in line.

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