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I have so much to update, this is just a preview , a taste of what is coming in near future! I have so much material to write about, and never enough time. my subbies need me so much, I spend hours on the phone, training them, abusing them, doing teamviewer sessions and cam sessions. I know how much some of you love to be exposed, how some of you love to read about my boytoys.. Stay tuned! maybe it is your lucky day and you will be included in this preview? if not, keep checking back! wanking loser from... Read more →

Lilyan is trying on her new boots. She hears me in the other room with a plastic gift bag. She asks me to come for my opinion. She asks what I have in the bag. She takes it and pulls out a full body harness. She asks what is its function. I reply to increase loyalty for a male to serve. She soon is tightening the buckles so I am unable to get out of the harness without her assistance and the collar design restricts my head movement. She is pleased and finds also in the bag spurs to fit... Read more →

He is standing, his face in the corner when she enters. Lilyan can see only his back. A steel collar around his throat, a heavy chain leading down to steel cuffs pulling his wrists up behind him, steel shackles at his ankles... And bare skin. He does not turn as she approaches him from behind, her heels tapping against the floor. He can not. A short chain from his collar to the wall makes him stare into the corner like an errant boy. Lilyan comes up behind him and runs her hand over his bare bottom. Leaning in close to... Read more →

Lilyan's New Ride "Not that it matters, but… What do you think?” Lilyan asked. “It’s beautiful! You’re going to look great in it. Cruising with the top down.” Ethan replied, enthusiastically. Lilyan smiled, “Yes, I will, won’t I? Well, what are you waiting for then? Give the nice lady your American Express card.” Ethan fumbled in his wallet and pulled out the credit card. This would max it out, of course. It would take years to pay it off. Even with the second job she had found for him in the evenings. “I’ll just go run this and bring back... Read more →

As I did last year, I am continuing this tradition to group my best subs and worshipers into my Black and Pink book levels and reward them for a year of dedication, loyalty and devotion... The most obedient and devoted boys are placed in the Black Book, the book they have been dreaming about ! It is not easy to becomes one of the black book boys.. one has to be devoted for the whole year, has to prove me his dedication and willingness to sacrifice and adopt to a new life - under my control. Whatever way you serve... Read more →

Sexy Shoes story part 2.

this is the continuation to the story I posted previously, look in past posts. As usual, there was a note of warning in her tone. Eric had learned, painfully, the cost of failing her. He nodded quickly, "Yes, Goddess. Everything is ready for you." Lilyan reached down to pat him on the head and started up the stairs to dress for the evening. Cautiously, Eric looked up at her longingly. "Make sure my bed is turned down. And chill some champaign. Then lock yourself up for the night, understood?" she called over her shoulder. "Yes, Goddess." At the top of... Read more →