Sexy Shoes story part 2.
To inspire my wallet and moneyslaves

2nd Annual BoyToy Report 2011

As I did last year, I am continuing this tradition to group my best subs  and worshipers into my Black and Pink book levels and reward them for a year of dedication, loyalty and devotion...




The most  obedient and devoted boys are placed in the Black Book, the book they have been dreaming about !  It is not easy to becomes one of the black book  boys.. one has to be devoted for the whole year, has to prove me his dedication and willingness to sacrifice and adopt to a new life - under my control.

Whatever way you serve me - sissies, money slaves, foot worshippers, popper sniffers - you have to be at your best performance to be placed in the Black Book!  I am watching my boys carefully taking mental notes.. and at the end of the year - if I don't even remember you- well you did not impress me much, did you!

I am not saying Black Book boys are perfect subs.. Nobody is perfect, besides ME of course! So  do not let you head grow big, just because you see your name in there.. be humble and appreciate the fact you

were chosen! Pb1


Black book boys may contact me via email to collect their prize:) Its like a special treat for a puppy, to get him love you even more.. yes, all to get you into my web even deeper..

Prize : free 30 min skype session - video plus audio - scheduled in advance + 4 custom imaged in HQ+special video clip message for you. BUT the following boys get their prize doubled! Why? I decided to reward those who have maintained  Black Book status 2 years in a row! That is not easy!!

cb,den,mark,todd - my best boytoys 2 years in a row!


And Pink Book boys are those inspiring to serve me at their best but not quite there yet. but I still  consider them good boys! Under my training they should improve and next year appear in the Black Book.  It is a commitment and life changer, when you submit to me. Not every one is ready for that!


Pink Book boys need to email me to collect their prize: 2 Free custom HQ images

Those of you who maintained the Pink Book level 2 years in a row get 4 custom HQ images plus a short video message from me.telling you what a good boy you were!  : gary,robbie,DCI,true,dizzydrone (Brandon)

Reminder: I am never chasing my boys! if you are mentioned here-  you need to email me to collect your prize.








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