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Sexy Shoes - Story

Sexy Shoes 008

"Do you like them?"

Eric raised his eyes slightly. Just enough to lift his gaze from the floor. He knew his place.  His eyes rested on Lilyan's new shoes.  Many designers were well represented in Lilyan's wardrobe...  Manolo Blanik, Christian Louboutin...  In this case it was Jimmy Choo.  He had learned to recognize the different designers by up-close exposure...  By taking care of her many shoes but also by occasionally feeling one of their heels as Lilyan ground it into his palm. 

"Stunning, Goddess."

Lilyan looked down to admire them again herself.  She was gratified to see that as Eric knelt his eyes were still low.  He forgot himself sometimes and had to be reminded that whatever he might once have been, now he was just a slave. 

"I think I'll wear them for my date tonight. You did lay out my clothes for the evening, yes?"

to be continued....


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Saber Anonmynos

i wonder at wich point Mistress knows She has you in Her palm? and the turning point when there is that mental "click" and She takes charge. Stories like this post may seem sureal. But, they do happen.

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