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Forced Intoxication Time! get a drink NOW..and continue to read you know you want to lose control and listen to my hypnotic sexy accent the longer you stay on the phone with me the weaker you are, willing to tell me all of your secrets! make sure you load your account FULL before you call! soon you will not be able to remember your own name! I will make you so weak, learn your weaknesses and addictions then mindfuck you and program you to my liking. yes! you will become my addict  Grab a bottle of whiskey, vodka or... Read more →

chris contected me today andspan: hello miss, how are you? I would love it if you would give me the honour of a teamviewer session with you x Mistress Lilyan: hello, I am good Mistress Lilyan: how did u hear about me ? andspan: I did a web search miss, and your name came very near the top! andspan: also, I have seen you on live jasmin before x Mistress Lilyan: okay , nice to meet you here andspan: you too missx Mistress Lilyan: what excites you about teamviewer, have you done it before andspan: no miss, i haven't. I... Read more →

"I am Michael, 28 years of age, and have just fallen into your web of seduction and destruction. My fantasy is to be forced on my knees and worship your feet and whatever else you allow me to do so, verbally degrade and humiliate me, spitting, flip me off with your middle finger tell me "fuck you stupid loser" etc (like your youtube video:, permanently branding me as your property, and put me in a cage wearing a chastity device. Speaking of chastity, I would like to be locked long term, if not lifetime...i feel i do not deserve... Read more →

That body will hypnotize you to do what I want! Stare and obey.. Don't you dream to be useful ! I found a perfect way! Commit to regular purchases for my household. Pick 1 item from this list and every few months it will be shipped to me, and you will be billed! There is a big selection, put your name next to one right now! DO NOT THINK JUST OBEY I DO THE THINKING HERE Adopt Expense Read more →

As you may have noticed I have been very busy adding new videos and picture sets to my sites! I updated my listings as well, introducing lower prices on some listings to promote longer calls, and get to know some of you better. Nothing annoys me more than calls shorter than 3 minutes! Whats the point? I may start to block users who act in such a disrespectful way. Anyway, so I have been busy and there is still more content I have not published yet. Stay tuned! Shop my stores ! dont be shy about it! Yesterday a new... Read more →

I added my 2 recent videos to NiteFlirt! Drink and give me your info! VIDEO CLIP join the weak who already surrendered to me after watching it! Consensual Blackmail maybe? lets see! Have a drink ready before you purchase to make it more fun! Be ready to be seduced and used.... Seduced by Mistress Lilyan deepen your addiction to me! your Leggy Queen that you cannot resist.. Dangling those sexy slignback high heels you cannot stop kissing Queen's attitude brings you to your knees.. Seducing you with an upskirt will only get you weaker...once you see this clip you will... Read more →

Seduced by Mistress Lilyan video clip

your Leggy Queen that you cannot resist.. Dangling those sexy slignback high heels you cannot stop kissing Queen's attitude brings you to your knees.. Seducing you with an upskirt will only get you weaker...once you see this clip you will crave more, its a sweet addiction that you will never want to cure.. Long black hair Goddess tosses around her face, can hypnotize you and turn you into a drone! Taste it once and leave hungry forever... clip with audio. in white sheer pantyhose. black skirt and pink slingbacks.. Price: $24.99 USD Length: 13 minutes Format: MP4 Category: PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS Read more →

Sexy Shoes "Do you like them?" Eric raised his eyes slightly. Just enough to lift his gaze from the floor. He knew his place. His eyes rested on Lilyan's new shoes. Many designers were well represented in Lilyan's wardrobe... Manolo Blanik, Christian Louboutin... In this case it was Jimmy Choo. He had learned to recognize the different designers by up-close exposure... By taking care of her many shoes but also by occasionally feeling one of their heels as Lilyan ground it into his palm. "Stunning, Goddess." Lilyan looked down to admire them again herself. She was gratified to see that... Read more →

Mistress Lilyan: I suggest you sign a loan document for $500 that way you will be trapped justin: So do you think I'm crazy for breaking free of nf and wanting to see if I get hooked again Mistress Lilyan: we.. I know that addictions are hard to break from, or impossible even justin: A loan document huh? And you are the holder of this document ? Mistress Lilyan: yes justin: Y in the world did that just get me hard and my heart racing ? justin: Well originally I was thinking I needed to give you 100 mins as... Read more →

Woke up and started my day with a delicious coffee and a message from mys lave who needed to be used! It was his first teamviewer session and he was so excited I could not refuse! I was enjoying myself! IanS: hello mistress, i am finally back from holidays Mistress Lilyan: hello Mistress Lilyan: I returned from my holidays as well.. IanS: oh great I hope you had a good time Mistress Mistress Lilyan: oh yes Mistress Lilyan: and you IanS: I did too, amazing time. IanS: I was in Sri Lanka Mistress Lilyan: sounds great IanS: yes it was... Read more →

Paul R: classic femme fatale essentially Mistress Lilyan: oh I know Paul R: it is impossible not to be impressed, and feel submissive urges. It's the unattainable thing. So hot Paul R: as a leg and stockings fetishist i do get myself hot and bothered. Visiting Your site is bloody dangerous Paul R: it's easy to confuse lust and love in this world, and i think most men can't distinguish. The more a woman is lusted, and unattainable, the more likely the love. Paul R: it's extremely difficult not to fall for You and into that trap Paul R: love... Read more →