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teamviewer session with chris

Chastity slave, peek into my royal email

"I am Michael, 28 years of age, and have just fallen into your web of seduction and destruction. My fantasy is to be forced on my knees and worship your feet and whatever else you allow me to do so, verbally degrade and humiliate me, spitting, flip me off with your middle finger tell me "fuck you stupid loser" etc (like your youtube video:, permanently branding me as your property, and put me in a cage wearing a chastity device.  Speaking of chastity, I would like to be locked long term, if not lifetime...i feel i do not deserve to masturbate, have sexual intercourse with females (including my soon to be exwife), and no offspring making...I belong to you and you only and therefore you own my manhood. Then brand me permanently as your sole property and soon my wife will divorce me since you have already claimed me as yours and you dont want any other woman in the way right? Also I would like you to take over my computer completely with teamviewer and do whatever you like on it. I may not have a lot of money, but I am willing to overdraft my bank accounts and max out my credit cards to keep you happy so please bear with me. The reason why I choose you is that you are very beautiful and seem to be very experienced in the field. I believe you will help me become a obeidient male that knows his place...beneath your feet.  My goal is to be a very submissive male with my male ego crushed and only serve you to your satisfaction. 
I do have a few questions...first is if you can do custom pictures and videos and the rates, second is since I wish to be locked in chastity, do I bring my own or you can provide...I do have CB6000 but never was able to fit in there.  If I decide to be locked for long term or forever is there some times when i can be let out or never again will I release any semenial fluids.  Please give me your thoughts of all this and I hope I hear from you soon and serving you will be a great honor."

Mistress Lilyan answers: 12mlq

Hello Michael,

I am glad you found me,  the beginning of your enslaved life  is about to start!

I do not provide the device, you need  one on your own, you will send me the key..  and I will  hold it forever.. and you can only hope for my mercy to send it back to you.. Locked or not,  you should never be able to release again.. NO more cum for you  if you become my property!  no women, no fun,  if I decide you are wroth it - you are going to live your life as my property. Working  for me, worshipping me , and draining your bank account.
You will have teamviewer open 24/7 so I can access your computer at any time..

You should have an account  with  1 of my phone sites to keep in touch or  via yahoo messenger , then weekly  fees will come in play. 
I also love to tease my chastity slaves with cam sessions! You will suffer dearly during those, sniffing my feet on your knees, where you belong!
While I humiliate you and flip you off!
I do  custom videos and pictures, depending on content prices vary of course.  I also do custom voice recordings.
Mistress Lilyan


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Saber Anonmynos

Never allowed release? Is it possible? Is it healthy?
But, She is so lovely when She never backs down.

Is there a slaves' survival manual?

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