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"I'm an entrepreneur, I live in Milan and not I family Since guy ssentivo my innate nature sub to the other sex. I tried every experience possible and for a while, I landed in the world of financial slavery, which I consider the strongest form and rewarding psychological level. Keep in mind that not seeking financial domination relationship aimed at some reloads or some gift. Seeking a real financial domination ratio, total without limits. Seeking a woman without scruples arise, know his total sfruttarmi economically advantage. Be fully exploited and without hesitation and my psychological pleasure Gain about 80,000 per... Read more →

Forced Intoxication is so much fun and one of my favorite subject in sessions with my subs. I enjoy the power I have over them, and always wonder how low will they sink today.. Sinking in alcohol, poppers , smoking and more.. is losing their control and accepting I will take charge and know what is best for them. RIGHT! I always know what's best for my boys, dont I boys? WHAT DO YOU NEED BEFORE THE SESSION Make sure you prepare yourself right for forced intoxication session: Make sure you have enough time, you don't have to drive anywhere,... Read more →

you are here because you feel drawn to Me. Lets make this Holiday Season the season of devotion and submition. I want to see you crawl to my feet and beg to worship and serve. I want you on your knees in AWE because I have spoken to you.. Call me, shop my wish list, my store and clips. Make sure you own every single piece I cretated ( clips, recordings, PPV )and book your cam session with me! Training Task for this Holiday Season: Click on every single link and page on my site to discover MY POWER. Post... Read more →

I am so excited, my mirrored chest from Pulaski arrived! It looks amazing and will go so well with my decor! I have hired an interior decorator to help me get the look I want! One that is royal and princess worthy! I cannot wait to see what she will come up with after she listened to my ideas. This is what the chest looks like : it was purchased my adam, from my amazon wish list. There is plenty of items left on my wishlist so make sure you stop by! I will be adding more for my house... Read more →

Want to serve me but afraid you cant afford it? It is not about the amounts.. read below: bitch: I wanted to be your slave but I could not compete with the guy who has sent his card. Guess you dont need anyone else now Mistress Lilyan: its not about competition Mistress Lilyan: its about your personal sacrifice for ME bitch: I guess you get many false promises so I will go away and think what to do and only come back if i am sure i want to tribute Mistress Lilyan: okay, I am looking forward to it some... Read more →

I am very excited about adam's new visa card! Well well not adam's any more! my moneyslave has challened me to make him poor! It is in MY Royal hands now and you will hear about the purchases I made I am sure! First of all I am going to put all my Christmas shopping , including gift for family and friends on the card. Maybe I should buy a plane ticket and fly to Harrods in London? I just may! Faboulous treat for me and getting wonderful presents for family. What do you think? I need to ask my... Read more →

I had so much fun last year creating the annual report of my slaves, and I am going to continue it for years to come. Time to gather my notes for 2nd edition! Read on previous one.. There is still time left to impress me by the end of the year. I expect at least 1 present from each of you.. No excuses, my amazon wish list items start around $10 up to $1000's so there is NO EXCUSE not to PICK ONE ! click to SHOP MY WISHIST now so it arrives before Christmas! This year Black Book Boytoys... Read more →

If you find yourself here and feel like talking to me.. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.. READ THIS FIRST I added a way for you losers to contact me, respect my time.. I am not sitting on my computer to chit chat with you and convince you to serve me. If you see me online, I am usually updating my website, reading my emails or chatting with my slaves or family. If you are looking for WEBCAM SESSION with me. CLICK HERE slaves continue to read! If you want I have a website , and you should know it by... Read more →