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Forced Intoxication Phone and Cam session

Forced Intoxication is so much fun and one of my favorite subject in sessions with my subs.

I enjoy the power I have over them, and always wonder how low will they sink today..  Sinking in alcohol, poppers , smoking and more.. is losing  their control and accepting I will take charge and know what is best for them. RIGHT! I always know what's best for my boys, dont I boys?


Make sure you prepare yourself right  for forced intoxication session:

Make sure you have enough time, you don't have to drive anywhere, and you have enough to drink or sniff to get high.

Make sure you have enough money in your account for a call or tribute for the session.

It should be at least 1 hour long.

Cam is great if you have one, not necessary.


My NiteFlirt Line for Forced Intox

(mention code FIPromo) and after first hour the rate drops 50%

Call Mistress Lilyan for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

or email me to schedule your session


Quite often forced intoxication sessions come together with a consensual blackmail request, they want to get so high up that they are to weak to refuse when I fuck with their minds and get the info I need to own them! They have a perfect excuse once they sober up.. They crave that adrenaline of blackmail but know they are too chicken shit to give up the info while sober..

Alcohol and poppers are the most common drugs my boytoys come to me with.. And  I have to say the addiction to me controlling them is stronger than their addiction to poppers..

Sometimes they will come with no poppers, because they need my control.. session by session when I get them  high, they become dependent on me ..  take poppers sniffing mike for example.. mostly with a bottle of poppers, but  quite often without one, he will come and crave my attention and control to live his fantasy as my gay to be sub I send to glory holes to serve and enjoy his long desired gay life..

the same mike will sometimes buy a case of poppers knowing they are such a part of his life, he will never break free, as  long as I have anything to say about it! When he is all sober, he has his weak moments,  and will run away from his addiction to me and sniffing,  he will throw away the bottles he had left  far in the woods, and notify me it is all over.. I just sit  here and giggle, counting hours for mike to be back.. and sure thing..  mike is back, admitting he needed poppers and me so much he went and crawled int he woods, in the dark so nobody sees him to find the bottles he abandoned.

 Sept12011 013

or  oliver who knowingly gets drunk under my command and will sniff for me and only for me. He doesn't need poppers when he is not with me... He will forever associate poppers with me. Sweet!

Once oliver is high he will obey my every wish just to please me..

Listen to oliver my sweet boy so addicted to me:

Download Oliver2

Download Oliverpopper

Download Oliver3

or claude , drunk moneyslave who becomes my pain slut , the amount of alcohol he drinks and the pain level he  takes, WOW. That is one messed up sub, who loves to please his Mistress, don't you claude?

hear him beg Download Claudebeg

Claud3 Claud

or den who  loves to drink and smoke for me, to get weak and so easy to manipulate.. I know his weaknesses so well there is no escape for him!

Just talking to him about my plans I have for him gets this poor slave hard!

Recently he signed a loan agreement with me, loan he has to pay off, loan he never received !

and of course I cannot forget mike who has been covered in previous post, click here to read it.

and PH who has entertained me for hours! Click to read  and more here.




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Saber Anonmynos

This image congers the very spirit of Betty Page i think. Of course there is no one like Mistress Lilyan. Provocate, dangerously inviting. Her eyes as well as well as Her limits may be fathomless. A mystery.

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