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My blackmailed slave rod, signed a contract!

so rod purchased and signed / returned blackmail contract ,

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Contract now he is  under my control! get a little taste of my chat with him this week..

Rod: hi mistress!
Mistress Lilyan: hello 
Mistress Lilyan: how is your ass feeling
Rod: i have to tell you something. It will be very difficult for me to pay you tomorrow. I have a lot of financial difficulties. I have a lot of debts already, mistress
Mistress Lilyan: well then your $5 per day penalty starts
Mistress Lilyan: and your info goes on my site in a week..
Mistress Lilyan: I suggest you get a second job
Rod: please be comprehensive mistress
Mistress Lilyan: I am sorry I am not changing my rules just because you cannot manage your finances
Mistress Lilyan: that is not my issue.
Mistress Lilyan: eat less, save more
Rod: it will more and more difficult, each week, to pay you mistress. I will try my best for tomorrow, but after that it will be more difficult. I will probably have to go to the pawn shop tomorrow mistress
Mistress Lilyan: very good
Mistress Lilyan: that should teach u a lesson
Mistress Lilyan: u will limit your spending to minimum
Mistress Lilyan: maybe you should eat cat food instead to save
Rod: may i ask you a question mistress concerning the blackmail clip i bought?
Mistress Lilyan: yes
Rod: after i bought the clip, i contacted you, and you told me that i was in big trouble if i did not sign the contract, was it true, mistress? Or i became to be in trouble after i signed the contract?
Mistress Lilyan: both , you got in more trouble after the contract, if you disobey, but thanks to the contract your info stays safe as long as you play with my rules

Rod: what infos did you have on me after i bought the clip, mistress?
Mistress Lilyan: that is my secret


to rod! : remember, this time I edited your full name, but  when you stop paying the deal if OFF , you will no longer be protected!

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