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Moving !

While I am moving I have 1 line open on NF still accepting calls! If I am busy or unable to answer at the moment you crave my attention, try again later and meantime drain your wallet on my wishlist! I am still checking emails once a day, and if yours is interesting you may be blessed with a reply from me! Make sure you follow updates on Twitter - right side menu bar! Read more →

time to update my boytoys on what is going on in Mistress busy life! I usually take vacation in August for about 3 weeks, but this year is different.. I will be moving to my new house!! I am so excited!! I have been planning it for a while and it is that time! i will be packing Fri 26th and on.. till I pack all my shoes, handbags LOL I am assuming I should be done within 4 days. Then moving and unpacking.. shopping for new furniture as my new house is empty! I am looking forward to that... Read more →

Mistress needs these books to even better control and manipulate you! Pick at least one and send it my way! If the book qualifies for free shipping, make sure you take advantage of it ! click the link, Books For Mistress and select add to cart right on that page, it will add to your shopping cart , with my shipping address. EASY!! time to please me.. email me back witht he title you purchased. XOXOX Mistress Lilyan Read more →