Time to serve!
Moving !

August update

time to update  my boytoys on what is going on in Mistress busy life!

I usually take vacation in August for about 3 weeks, but this year is different.. I will be moving to my new house!! I am so excited!! I have been planning it for a while and it is that time! i will be packing  Fri 26th and on.. till I pack all my shoes, handbags LOL I am assuming I should be done within 4 days. Then moving and unpacking.. shopping for new furniture as  my new house is empty! I am looking forward to that process so i will be busy for a while, not available for cam session, but phone will be on! Its last few days to have cam sessions with me for a while!  Tribute toward new furniture for my  cam room! I want a nice sexy  chaise/setee ..few dressers for my outfits.. elegant desk to sit at... Isn't it what you work for?



You know that this is  special time, perfect opportunity for you to show me how well trained you are! You know that Mistress' house  has to be perfect and yours not so much! That's why you should call  or tribute towards my furniture, rugs and decor . That way you have a chance to be a part of my daily life... rug I step on,  dresser I put my clothes in...  Can it get any better? dont miss your chance and tribute! If you are trained by me you know how to tribute!

I have been busy milking my boytoys in my milking room almost every day lately. It keeps me entertained  HAHA... 110817-205042

 I have several new slaves... claude and oliver should be mentioned as well as dave..

claude is  a good servant but he underestimated my intelligence and I caught him lying to me!  he was presented with $600 penalty if he ever wants to serve me again! 

oliver is  currently traveling for business with blue balls. as last few sessions he was  denied  to cum...not that I have not given him a chance to cum, he was  just not capable to! poor thing.. poppers with tease and denial are seriously one of my favorite sessions!  I know your weakness and I will use it!

dave have been a very good sub that I have denied as well.. teased him with my panties and legs till he was desperate and denied him..Why not?  He has started awesome blog to document his sufferings HAHA .. 110817-235427

I love to read blogs written by my boytoys , but  not many of them are good ones.. You can read daves, if you follow me on twitter... I tweet his new posts so you can read and drool!

if you have a talent for writing and want to document your addiction to me, email me..


I cannot forget popper stroker, he is so addicted to me controlling  him,we have sessions almost every day!  I have him wrapped around my little finger as I know what he loves and what  he needs. He trusts me.. of course!

I have been doing teamviewer sessions , as I always do. need to post  some screen caps  on my new blog that I created! See I told you I was busy!  This new blog is a place to expose slaves who crave  attention, be blackmailed, or my sissies, cbt cases... I do not post images on my site from  boytoys who don't express that desire to me! Often there is a fee  for my time to write the post , of course!  If you want to be exposed on my  new blog , email me!


I am sending freebies a lot (mostly pictures) , and I am thinking about removing all the names who has  made no purchases within last  few months from my list. No purchases and no calls, may get you  removed. So do at least 1 purchase on my NiteFlirt listing to stay in the loop.


Did you enjoy the update? tribute as a thank you!  All funds go towards my new furniture, rugs and decor!Amazon GC are always best!

send them to


Hail to Mistress Lilyan!


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Saber Anonmynos

So many talents. So many levels. How does one decide to fall in? Honesty goes a long way. Trust is something one earns. She can set your goals. She can set you free.
Give and you shall receive.
Keep the candle vigils aflame. She shall return.

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