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I thought there would be nothing better than add some images and notes on my cam sessions with my boytoys to give you a better idea of what is happening! I usually do cam sessions 4-5 times a week, between 8 -12 pm EST My listing for cam on NiteFlirt is usually set to Mail Only as I do not sit and wait till you are in the mood LOL! You need to get my yahoo ID and contact me if I am availeble to come on cam at the moment or book it for other set time. Get my... Read more →

I have celebrated my birthday like never before this year! This year has been fabulous in gift department, thanks to some of my most devoted boytoys! I have been so busy last weeks I did not even have time to update my site about some exciting news! But I know how much you crave those news from my royal life.. how you check here every day to find out what has been going on with me! There has been so much going on, I have a whole list of things I need to post about and it will be added... Read more →

OMG !! When i saw those I could not resist but smile!! A swarovski crystal pink piggy on a pink ribbon ! This is your chance of forever be in my thoughts as my paypiggy:) I added it to my wish list.. get your piggy ( its only $21 plus shipping) and when it comes Mistress will add your name on a pink ribbon and hang in my window! As a daily reminder of a good boy! As I write it there are only 4 left! so hurry they may not add any more.. get yours as soon as possible.... Read more →

Milking you when I sleep. Listen to my recording!

I just made this recording for my money pigs! so they can serve while I sleep HHAHA Listen to me when I take your money away, when I LAUGH at you and when I tell you what you are! Listen to it for only $1.99 per minute before I hike up the rate to drain you faster! only valid 24h! let me know how listening to me made you feel:) Read more →

Message from devoted2You to MistressLilyan: "Most Majestic Mistress Lilyan... i have worshipped You from afar for sooooo long.... i'm a uk pathetic male creature drawn to Your words of sadistic seduction and heavenly humiliation... i do not deserve the life i have... i am a worthless, pathetic humiliation junkie not fit to kiss Your shoes... and yet here, i find myself, begging for Your attention and an audience with You... tho i must confess.... i am married... so time's would be stolen but i'd hope the quality would make up for the quantity... in anticipation..." Message from Fabrizio to Mistress... Read more →

Mike has tried several Mistresses before he found me, and none of them were able to read him mind as well as me and know exactly what he wants. I applied a brainwashing mixture of his smoking addiction plus my voice and image of my precious feet, and he was mine! There is no mercy for this one... First session I paid my credit card off $4000 , but that is just a drop in his $250 000 savings account.. Todays sessions was around $4000 as well.. I cannot keep up with spending enough LOL His first payment already cleared,... Read more →