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Update on Mistress Exciting Life!

marcello is a new sub who loves to be financially abused and loves to serve!  I have not decided if he is going to  be a good boytoy, but he already  bought me  2 toe rings!  Well done marcello.. keep up the good work..

italian loser is so addicted to my beautiful body  he is so easy to brainwash and while I hypnotize him with my perfect lingerie, he tells me all about his business and wife! I took so many pictures of him wanking  at his  work desk, he is forever mine!   When he spends his own money, he sneaks into his wive's account to pay for the session! Good!    Pay for your addiction  wanker!

cb that pathetic wanker has been a good slave so far, long term.. He has made his wife my paypig as well.. without her even knowing, even now when she is the only one working there! HAHA! Good job! Keep on sending those daily fees!

robbie   Robbiebetter be getting ready to tribute 20% of his salary to me... last time I took 15%  ($450),  I decided to rise it every time..  So much fun to hear him getting so excited as he presses the button, what a good money pig!

den, if you remember, has been ordered to apply serum for hair growth to his unibrow area...I wanted to see if it is going to work! Well it did!   hair is now growing between his eyebrows, and I cannot wait  to see a nice bushy unibrow..haha nice face feature modification:)  Keep up using the serum twice a day slave:)  Keep me posted on results.

loser, I forgot his name haha!! bought the right to empty my waste bin in my bathroom .. I allowed him to have my dental flos, my cotton pads full of my make up , ear cotton sticks and some additional items I decided he will be humiliated chewing on!  

ark who loves my used socks ordered 3 pairs! One worn by me of course, one by my sister and one by my mom.. we are all laughing at him, knowing he is totally excited about smelling them! When we are done wearing them for a day, they rest in our sneakers..  He is going to love them!


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