Financial Domination Session with Mistress Lilyan. Forced Intoxication.
NEW Assignment! video + audio!

slave application

 I have removed several disobedient slaves from My Life and I have few openings! App

Do you want to serve Me?

are you: a moneyslave? foot slave? shoe slut? nail lover, My silky hair admirer?

simply in love with ME?

sissy who wants to be trained?

or become My LIVING DOLL? 

get this application and begin your NEW LIFE under My SPELL!  Comes with a DEVINE PICTURE you will put as your wallpapers as a daily reminder to serve! PLUS MY YAHOO ID !


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Mistress i want to be your permanent obedient slave. i love you and your feet, foot nails, Divine toes, high heels, long finger nails, your hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, your lovely smile and your style .

Mistress your looks and style make you superior. Nobody can't resist to be under your control.

once i have seen your feet, heels and Divine red toes online since then i am your pet puppy and i will be your honest, obedient pet puppy for whole life.

Mistress i am very tiny like DIRT OF YOUR FEET infront of your superiority and greatness. i want to be your permanent foot slave puppy and i will do sacrifice to serve you my goddess.

Your foot slave puppy

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