Mistress Lilyan : how to be a good boy
Financial Domination Session with Mistress Lilyan. Forced Intoxication.

Blackmailed By Mistress Lilyan..

 Blackmailed By Mistress Lilyan..
Blackmail is one of the fetishes I enjoy..why? Your need for exctitement is so high you would do anything to feel the rush ! 110316-205347
You are so easy to control and manipulate then.. Blackmail is your way to get aroused , you need it bad, and I know how to use it.
You crave the adrenaline that comes with blackmail contract, the threat of others finding out what a pathetic loser you are.. makes you tell Me your deepest secrets..
Secrets I can use any time, or threaten you to reveL THEM PUBLICILY if you do not obey.. and you cave like a scared puppy.
You agree to everything and anything, the rush of adrenaline is  so high and feels so good  you  are scared but you don't want to stop..
you are playing with fire, but it feels amazing.. You are an easy target, I aim right at you, with the amunition you handed Me yourself... What's not to enjoy?

Read below a little tease-little conversation with a slave contacting Me about blackmail. Read how I tease and poke his mind with My perfect words that leave him so volnureable..

ds: Seriously we had some fun but I need to stop ok?
ds: Im sure you understand
lil: not really:)
ds: Well we were just having some fun here
ds: right?
lil:  right..
ds: OK whew
ds: Glad we agree
ds: was nervous for a sec
lil: why did you get nervous
ds: Thought you were going to really blackmail me for real!
lil: well..  how could I. you never gave me any real info
ds: I did that last pic made me word vomit, oh you didnt get theemail? whew lucky for me
ds: Maybe I didnt click send lemme look, that would be really lucky
lil: the one that you live in Huston
ds: Oh shit
ds: Uh, ya
ds: But you said this was just fun so ignore that ok?
lil: I am sorry I cannot ignore it
ds: What do you mean?
lil: I enjoy it too much
lil: tormenting addicts like you
ds: wait enjoy what?
ds: what are you saying?
lil: that you needed to keep your mouth shut
lil: and now its too late
ds: No no wait
ds: Hang on here
ds: this isnt real
ds: right?
lil: oh yes it is
ds: Just fun you said
ds: This is real?
ds: youre kidding right?
lil: no
lil: yes FUN, for Me
lil: not for you
lil: haha
ds: omg
ds: omg wait 110316-202228 go
ds: pleasewait
ds: lets talk about this
ds: u cant do this pls
lil: why not , are u married?
lil:  public figure?
ds: well no but
lil: well if you dont obey I will make you a publis figure in Huston
ds: omg thishas to be a bad dream
ds: oh fuck
ds: oh god help me
lil: everybody will know about you
lil: what a loser you are
ds: no pls
ds: oh god no
ds: omg pls dont do this you dont have to do this!!!
lil: well.. I am going to make some calls to people I know in houston.. 
ds: No wait
lil: sorry. this is too much fun
ds: Come on this isnt fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your damn legs would make anyone stupid
ds: FUCK
ds: how many men have you tricked and trapped like this?????
ds: OK wait
ds: seriously
ds: omg
ds: uh
ds: pls?
ds: Cant we discuss this?
lil:  well maybe... we can.. you can buy 24h of  peace
lil: another $50 https://www.spafinder.com/Catalog/online-spagiftcertificates.htm?type=email
lil: if not.. machine goes in motion in 2 hours...

I do not have to add he tributed as ordered..  :)

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