Mistress Lilyan's boytoys
Blackmailed By Mistress Lilyan..

Mistress Lilyan : how to be a good boy

I thought it would be a good insight on My relationship with slaves, boytoys and subs .. I am very personal with My boytoys, I do like the invidual approach rather than mass approach.. 110312-233343

It allows Me to get to know your weaknesses and fetishes on a different level, when I test , tease  and poke your brain. I love exploiting my slaves to the point of no escape, bring them to their knees and watch them squirm for My attention.

My slaves  love My unique way and they keep coming back like a moth to light. Yes I AM LIGHT in their pathetic life.
 Financial domination is one of My favorite waysof dominating My slaves, getting into their heads , brainwashing them , then taking all I want, leaving them with barely NOTHING, JUST TO ALLOW THEM TO SURVIVE.
Financial submission is  one of the higest possible ways of worship in My Book!  Sucrifice your own  comfort , for the pleasure of giving it all to Me!

 Read up and learn why robbie is always coming back to Me..

lil: hello robbie
lil: I know you need Me, you always will
robbie: hello Mistress
robbie: yes Mistress is growing every day in my eyes and of course in my brain
lil: perfect!
lil: you are brainwashing yourslelf for Me 110311-104948
robbie: yes but without Mistress, no triggers
robbie: i bought your video clips
robbie: very high quality
lil: oh they work when you watch and when you dont watch, cos your mind remembers them
robbie: during the last days i felt very weak but i understand that mistress was away
robbie: i did not know if i could call or not
robbie: i felt i did not want to disturb
lil: soon Mistress is moving to a new house!
robbie: vow
robbie: congratulations
lil: robbie should save big and tribute on amazon for furniture, decor and anything I want  for new house
robbie: i saw on Mistress wishlist furniture items
robbie: now i understand
lil: but you can tribute amazon anytime
robbie: that is good
robbie: thank you Mistress 110323-174424
lil: you would feel so  good knowing your hard work turns into beautiful things in Mistress house ! 
lil: that is such an opportunity, to decor My new place  and leave your mark for many many years
robbie: yes it is true Mistress
lil: I know!
robbie: Mistress really knows how deal with small folks like me
robbie: makin me pay
lil: yes  yes robbie
robbie: i hope sister and family are ok
lil: yes
robbie: what about your email address
lil: mistresslilyan@gmail.com
robbie: i tried to send a tribute today but they said that it did not work
robbie: yes that is the one
lil: let Me check
lil: all seems fine here
lil: try again
robbie: let us see now Mistress
lil: yes now
lil: get on your knees robbie! 110323-174242
robbie: now it was sent. Thank you Mistress
lil: how did it feel
robbie: so good and so natural for a brainwashed pig
robbie: there is an urge inside me to obey
robbie: and Mistress is using it
lil: you were born this way , to serve!
robbie: it seem so Mistress
robbie: is it not scary?
lil no, it is the only thing that brings you happiness and comfort 
robbie: yes Mistress, i have to improve and to repeat this feeling of paying mistress more often
robbie: i need regularly hear what Mistress demans
lil: It will become so addictive, the clicking and serving  Me
lil: the feeling is so  good you want it more and more
lil: it will be the only thing that excites you
robbie: yes and soon maybe i would be strong enough to send you the photo of me that i promised
lil: yes..
lil: and I remember you  promised to send me 10% of your salary 110123-222033
lil: and it would grow every month
robbie: yes and that is $ 300 about
lil: yes and it belongs to Me
robbie: yes i cannot withheld it, that is criminal
lil: yes it is
robbie.sand: how does Mistress want to have it?
lil: amazon
robbie: yes Mistress
robbie: we have to use this teamviewer once
lil: yes, I  love it
lil: having full control
robbie: yes and Mistress will also clean up my yahoo accounts and NF accounts then and buy herself things on amazon
lil: exactly
lil: I love the idea
lil: of cleaning up
robbie: i will check my bank acc now Mistress
lil: your  accounts
lil: yes do it
robbie: i am going to send the 10% Mistress now
lil: are u on your knees
robbie: yes Mistress
lil: good
lil: hold on
lil: click to amazon via this link
lil: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00067L6TQ/?&tag=lilyan-20&camp=212333&creative=391189&linkCode=ur1&adid=0NB98ZT6H5KXE571JWMV&
lil: and send the 10%
lil: :)
robbie: i cannot breathe, Mistress
robbie: the 10% is sent
lil: good boy
robbie: Mistress made me happy
lil: oh I understand your needs so well!
robbie: thats why i love Mistress, bc she is so understanding
robbie: Mistress is patient and taking her time
robbie: and in the end i must obey
robbie: trained to obedience by Mistress Liliyan
lil: yes, and always coming back to Me
robbie: yes always
robbie: i am not your top but i want so much
robbie: thank you for cleaning my acc, Mistresss
lil: yes I make it My way!
robbie: now nf is a gift to me from Mistress
lil: yes
robbie: now i feel that i am closer to Mistress now than before
robbie: now i feel like a little boy sitting or on my knees touch my little penis
robbie: i am small sized by Mistress 110206-182741
lil: yes you get so excited when I speak to you !
robbie: and Mistress voice is even better than chatting
robbie: yes i am happy to connect to Mistress
robbie: to be connected
lil: of course My voice has the most power
robbie: yes Mistress your voice must not be disobeyed or i cannot take any more, thats why i interrupted earlier conversations
robbie: thank you, Mistress
lil: did you like My mini dick abuse videos?
robbie: yes very much
robbie: very professional
robbie: i made by a very person who really knows the needs of small guys
lil: hahaha
robbie: Mistress has caught the issue on the eye
lil: oh I know!
lil:   punished you  well for being such a mini useless dick
lil: how much $ u  stll have in your bank account
robbie: around 100
robbie: yes please use your slave, from now on this is my position to hear how Mistress plays
lil:  good you realize your place
robbie: from now on i will try to follow Mistress Lilyan's orders
lil:  try harder!
robbie: which means to pay more?
lil:  means no not stray
robbie: yes Mistress
robbie: i will be faithful
robbie: but sometimes i cannot control myself
lil: yes I noticed !
lil: you know yourself best
lil: what do you think keeps you most faithful 110211-204427
robbie: i can confess that i tried different findom Mistresses but now i came back for good i hope
robbie: No one could compare themselves with Misterss Lilyan
robbie: this is true
lil: you keep going back to XXXX
lil: dont you
robbie: no she is too cheap
robbie: She only has one sentence as a trigger
robbie: Mistress Lilyan is alive
lil: what do you mean too cheap
robbie: cheap as a person
lil: explain
robbie: kind but no personality tha matches me
robbie: i think Mistress Lilyan and i could meet in real life and even work together and have nice conversations about a lot of things
robbie: but even if XXXX is better than most her intellektual level is too low for me
robbie: and i like Polish women
robbie: they are very dominant and exploiting

robbie: therefore i love Mistress
robbie: thank you taking all money on the acc
lil: of course
robbie: and adding money to and take them too Snapshot 68
lil: loved it
robbie: i love than Mistress takes
robbie:using me
robbie: humiliating me
robbie: and using me
robbie: taking photos of me
robbie: threaten to use them
robbie: i loved the blackmail video
robbie: the introduction was so good
lil: yes I know! haha
robbie: i felt i hade to send all information directly
robbie: and ibought the information about teamviewer to your/my nf acc
lil: yes
robbie: i am updating my nf acc and can see what has happened
lil: yes ,enjoy!
lil: facebook login?
robbie: robbixxxyahoo.com
robbie: pw: xxxxxx
lil: good boy
lil: I am doing major cleanup
robbie: thank you Mistress
robbie:  i am happy and i do not want anybody else to disturb
lil: exactly
robbie: i want to become a good victim to Mistress
robbie: thank you Mistress

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