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I thought it would be a good insight on My relationship with slaves, boytoys and subs .. I am very personal with My boytoys, I do like the invidual approach rather than mass approach.. It allows Me to get to know your weaknesses and fetishes on a different level, when I test , tease and poke your brain. I love exploiting my slaves to the point of no escape, bring them to their knees and watch them squirm for My attention. My slaves love My unique way and they keep coming back like a moth to light. Yes I AM... Read more →

well well ... I have not posted about My gifts I have been receiving in a long time. not because there were none, but because I was so busy with training My boytoys.. Time to update on the gifts and praise the good boys who always crave those words! I got a charm for My bracelet from robbie, this is a second charm he has put on My bracelet.. well done, good boy! It is not a big expense, but it shows Me you are thinking about Me!. robbie has been kept around for a year or 2 now.. always... Read more →