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I do not update this place as much any more ( 2019 and up) I moved to ONLY FANS regular updates / stories, teasers and CHAT with members. 

But this STILL is a mine of knowledge!

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To live for Mistress Lilyan is a slave's duty


Ready for my Teamviewer takeover, i am german.


Hello Mistress,

Is that a problem if I don't speak english very good ? :$


Looking for a serious teamviewer sessions with you mistress

Sissy Samantha

Free to join, hard to leave. Words of truth indeed!! I tried to leave once, but inevitably found my way back to the true Goddess, Mistress Lilyan!! And now I have been drawn ever deeper into Her Dominant web. I am sooo happy to be her sissy that I never want to leave Her control again. Try it, you undoubtedly will find Mistress to be the embodiment of perfection, a submissive's wet dream!!!


The best Mistress in the world. I worship her existence for a few years now. She is everything and all should be worshiping her highness. I keep doing what the goddess wants because this is the meaning of life. Thank you GODDESS Lilyan


i am humbly praying on my knees worshipping the ONE TRUE GOD in Her Holy Altar

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