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Are you addicted ?

Mistress Lilyan,

You warned me to "be careful" because You are so addictive, so beautiful, so enchanting, 090720090642590890 but i didn't believe it.  Now i find myself sinking under Your spell.  i have been trying to fight it for weeks, but each time i am drawn to visit Your web pages, and with each new picture You send, i feel my will bending to Your control.  i tried to go to other sites to distract and block thoughts of You in my mind, but You seem to get deeper and deeper in my brain anyway.

i have almost called so many times, and write this in trying to control myself one last time.  i know You also said that i cannot resist, but i didn't believe that either.  i imagine Your harem is filled with guys like me who didn't believe.  All at Your feet awaiting Your next command.

i thought i was a strong minded guy, very intelligent and could resist Your stunning spell, but You are just so beautiful and powerful and am sure You have hypnotized me without me even realizing it.  So maybe the battle was over the day i got caught in Your net and i am just coming to that realization.


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Saber Anonmynos

This testament is not an exageration. What he is saying here is accurate. Beware, She is addictive. You might catch that sly smile of Hers. It is because She "knows", when She about to get Her next lucky victim. If you are able to tell her in a precise, polite manner in an appropriate place what your weaknesses are, She will have you and you will beg Her not to let go.

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