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Update on Mistress Exciting Life!

I am loving My Life!   Exploiting My subs is giving Me so much pleasure , that  I decided to share some of the thrill my subs have been experiencing with Me!

den- signed up for weekly payments, so he has no choice but make sure his account has funds to cover it! If not.. I have enough info on him, pictures included to  make sure the funds are there! HAHA!

Speaking of Blackmail.. I recoded a new video  titled Blackmailed By lady in Black Bm , total hit, you will find it in my clips4sale store . DANGER DANGER!! You will tell Me everything!

Blackmailed drone F.C  is going to face the $400 tribute in next 48 hours! Then $200 every month to keep the info I have on him safe. He signed My Consensual Blackmail contract and he is going to obey. I will make sure I will challenge him with numerous tasks and orders!

slave jimrob has been training to be a good sissy slut, and his sessions cam2cam has been so hilarious to Me! I love to dress him up in pegs, clamps, humbler and more! Then take him to new levels of pain !  

new italian slave has contacted me, and described himself like a weak wanker and begged me to enslave him! cam2cam session when he was  controlled teased and abused! I have taken lots of his pictures , he will obey or  I will have a chat with his wife.. Should I?  He is not allowed to cum at all..!

I have added email domination sessions to my NF store and I have been enjoying coming up with personalized sessions for my subbies.  Its one of My favorite things to do personalize My sessions/emails/PPV to  tap into your brain before you know it! Once I learn your weakness , the exerience you will get is so much more than buying mass production !

daveUK - applied to be My slave full time.. Not sure yet.. he doesnt seem to keep up with Me! I think I will give him another chance cos he is really sweet!

My nail slave is totally hooked on My ways of controling him! He is easily turned into a total mush and he gives me full control over his pc. He craves My PPV so bad I cannot keep sending enough!  he is enslaved to nail fetish and I am using it to abuse his bank account.. every possible way:)

I know how many of you are drooling over My ass! I love how easily you get hypnotized and used.. 1ass1

I recorded this clip and in first 20 min from posting it made Me $500 , and it keeps growing! Just like your cock when you are watching it, in a loop..mindless drone! Only $2.99 to start!

I  added humiliation elements to the clip as well as nail, hair and upskirt motives!

All that to drain your bank account while you get hypnotized and helpless!

go on, click  on it and give in!




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 Andy (Virg)

Mistress Lilyan,

I have to thank you everytime your beauty brings me to my knees. You know what I mean? :-D

You are a genius and you prove elegance rules everytime.

Thank you again

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