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I am loving My Life! Exploiting My subs is giving Me so much pleasure , that I decided to share some of the thrill my subs have been experiencing with Me! den- signed up for weekly payments, so he has no choice but make sure his account has funds to cover it! If not.. I have enough info on him, pictures included to make sure the funds are there! HAHA! Speaking of Blackmail.. I recoded a new video titled Blackmailed By lady in Black , total hit, you will find it in my clips4sale store . DANGER DANGER!! You will... Read more →

Enjoying Myself today getting My new victim squirm! He honestly thought it was not real, until I trapped him into My web.. now he signed a contract and is turning into an obedient whimp! (you can get the info on My contract here ) He tried to disobey , by refusing to send me the required page ( letter to his mom admiting to what a failure he is! with his signature in handwritting) ..I cretaed a separate blog for him, posting all the info I have .. ok, just part of it,.to teach him a lesson.. I got the... Read more →

As promised at the end of the year I have prepared a summary of My good boys for 2010! 1st annual report! Black Book Boy Toys PH, CB, DEN, MARK,TODD The most obedient boytoys in 2011... The category is very ELITE and I require a lot from a Black Book BoyToy! These boys have been very good in 2010, I am impressed and pleased with them..and want to continue training them to make them rise the bar even higher in 2011. Congratulations! Each of my Black Book BoyToys will receive personalized email with My Voice recording congratulating them! Pink Book... Read more →

Make sure you are in My NF mailing list! I have been VERY GENEROUS sending out free video clips and voice recordings! If you are not in there .. you have been missing out! Add your name to the list! How? You need to be a registered member on NF (it free to register) and click this button below.. No need to purchase anything. The system will add you to My mailing List. Read more →