2010 Slave Summary! 1st annual report!
got a little dick?

consensual #blackmail FS

Enjoying Myself today getting My new victim squirm!  Hairfetish

He honestly thought it was not real, until I trapped him into My web.. now he signed a contract and is turning into an obedient whimp! 

(you can get the info on My contract here )

He tried to disobey , by refusing to send me the required page ( letter to his mom admiting to what a failure he is! with his signature in handwritting) ..I cretaed a separate blog for him,  posting all the info I have .. ok, just part of it,.to teach him a lesson..

I got the page within few hours, and the blog is password protected for now!

But the moment he disobeys again, I am going to take the password protection down and  let you in on his life story! Plus if you follow My twitter it will show up there too.. so stay tuned!

want to read a story how it all started for him?

get it here:


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