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2010 Slave Summary! 1st annual report!

As promised at the end of the year I have prepared a summary of My good boys for 2010!

1st annual report!

Black Book Boy Toys Ipfeb 041


The most obedient boytoys in 2011... The category is very ELITE and I require a lot from a Black Book BoyToy!  These boys have been very good in 2010, I am impressed and pleased with them..and want to continue training them to make them rise the bar even higher in 2011.

Congratulations! Each of my Black Book BoyToys will receive personalized email with My Voice recording congratulating them!

Pink Book BoyToys IMG_0415


Very good boytoys that have been serving Me well in 2011 and I am happy with them too!

in 2011 they should find even more motivation to train themselves to be even better, obey and follow My Guidance to become better toys for Me.  Well done! Congratulations!

It is not easy to please Me, so I am really proud of my Pink Book BoyToys who have proven Me that they are worth My attention!

Devotion, Loyality and Obedience should bring you  to the higher level !!

All of my Pink Book BoyToys will receive personalized email from Me  with a delicious image of Me!

robbieboytoy, brandon, gary, john, drinking4Lilyan, davey, leatherslut, andrew paypig, true, sub4goddess, loser9, TexasF, rich, stephan,dave uk,

And some of you did not make to My Books!

But  you were so so close..perhaps you need to try harder? or  you  found Me just recently?

lets make 2011 all about Me and your chances to be one of the Book Boys are high!

names who run pretty close: herb, josh, ark, PHA, andrewVirg, matty, loserlouie, adam



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