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Collect coins! Task for slaves in USA Canada and UK

your task for this week: you will go thru all of your pants, drawers, jars and what not, and collect all of the coins and turn them into something DELICIOUS!! Let Coinstar® turn your pennies, nickels and dimes into something delicious Don't let loose change clutter up your life - turn it into a Starbucks Card FOR FREE at participating Coinstar® locations! When you use Coinstar® to get a new Starbucks Card, there's NO FEE and you save yourself the hassle of sorting, counting and rolling your extra change. Find a Coinstar® Once you have the card. you will email... Read more →

Last Friday I had a great session with PH . Ph is such a weak slut when I look at him and when he hears My voice.. He knows I am a SPECIALIST in FINANCIL DOMINATION and once in My claws he is not able to escape.. The session lasted close to 11 hours..and ended just because I wanted to go to sleep.. He spent hours and hours looking into My eyes wanting to give Me more and more.. He is so addicted to Me , to My Feet and Eyes there is nothing that compares to the experience he... Read more →

It all started from my PPV game starter first time with josh.. oh boy he got so drunk on my pictures and scotch! he wore pink thong for Me and posed for Me .. hilarious.. I could tell they were so uncomfortable! He finished one bottle , and had to borrow one more from him roommate , then moved on to beer.. I don't even want to think about the hangover today! here is what josh had to say : Ohhh god your ass is incredible! Just took a shot of rum! pass:xxxxxxx Oh and I woke up... Read more →

well well.. I have a new property..slave herb... locked in chastity for a YEAR!! yes one year! He called Me and we have talked for a long time and agreed to his chastity terms. I already have the keys, both of them.. herb is locked , and will be obedient to Me..his beautiful European Mistress who has total power over him.. As my property he will fulfill all of MY commands and if he dissapoints Me.. I will gladly add another month to his chastity sentence! I love to punish bad boys. I am looking forward to brainwashing herb, getting... Read more →

I had a fabulous day spending My boytoys' money! That is why you work so I can SPOIL MYSELF and get PAMPERED! I had am amazing day in one of my fav spas. Foot treatment, full body massage, facial treatments.. aromatheraphy .. OMG I coud have it done everyday!! And I should... Pay your LOVE TAX right now! You love your Mistress, don't you. Simple question.. ! NOW.. Get on your knees.. open your wallet..take out your cc and send $50 spa certificate to tribute to My next spa day! Its that easy to be called a GOOD BOY by... Read more →