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As it should be! and enter 2011 totally commited to ME! You know you crave the commmitment and you dream about belonging to a beautiful GODDESS who will use you as she sees fit! That is your goal, and you should start right now! call me today to say goodbye to 2010 and admit how deeply smitten you are with ME! or Talk Sugar Line Nothing could be more FESTIVE and DAZZLING thann you hearing MY PRECIOUS VOICE ! WHAT A FANTASTIC WAY TO PART WITH 2010! if you are too shy to call , you can still make this... Read more →

I am reviewing my BLACK BOOK of my boytoys , and see how well they behaved in 2010 ! Were you a good boy? Did you take part in challenges and fulfilled them? Have you shopped on my wishlist at least once? Have you tributed via amazon, NF ,TS or other means? Have you opened all of my PRECIOUS EMAILS ? If the answer is yes to all of these questions chances are I AM PLEASED WITH YOU! and you MAY MAKE IT TO MY 2010 SUMMARY POST! If the answer is no, you still have few days left to... Read more →

I decided that I need some entertaining during these long cold winter nights so I am sending out my challenges and assigmnets! Pick one for yourself and entertain Me! FEMINIZATION You want to be like Me don't you? Lean, slim, seductive.. you want to discover your feminine side more and want to follow Me..a REAL WOMAN who is your INSPIRATION and ROLE MODEL. Get this challenge and feel so feminine and sexy! Your chance to show off! Drop the soda for Mistress, 4 week challenge! Break the cycle of addiction to soda! It will make you healthier so you... Read more →

eyebrow experiment

one of my subbies decided to entertain Me, so I odered him to shave in between his brows every 3 days to see if the unbrow would start growing.. to give it the best chance he went to the drug store and purchased a serum to grow eyelashes.. perhaps the serum will make the unibrow grow too.. We shall see ! I should make him put the serum on his eyelashes too! to give him a nice feminine look.. you hear it den? go ahead..apply twice a day, unibrow and eyelashes:) Read more →

Now you have one more reason to keep coming back to My Website! Collect all of the MYSTERIOUS PICTURURES of the day! A little bit of daily MYSTERY! Get a picture of Me presenting one of the following: foot fetish, stockings,pantyhose, high heels, upskirt or SIMPLY Me blowing you a KISS that will send you to heaven! Follow the day numbers in the title to know when the picture was updated! See what $2.99 brings you today! Get every picture and earn a reward! More info inside! For future pictures, check the button on the side menu ! Read more →