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Financial slavery...for Me it is about a long term relationship and an ultimate submission coming from a man worshipping Me.

a true money slave knows it is not a one time session deal, it is an ongoing need to serve with what he has..

If you have been reading My blog you know the amounts very, based on possibilities.. But it doesnt mean money slave has to be rich..  

For Me is it not about the amounts but  about offering all you have to your Mistress  .. leaving you living on paycheck to paycheck , just covering your basics necessities..

I would call it an ultimate money slavery . Give Me everything you have  month to month ..It may mean thousands or a hundred dollars/euro.   I can count true money slaves who submitted to Me TOTALLY on

my 2 handS.. Amazon


They live for Me, the work for Me, they will give everything to Me and feel happy serving Me ,because I deserve it. It is not about them any more, it is what I want and should have.

They realize how trully superior I am and will humbly submit every $ they can afford, commiting themselves to a long term relationship with Me.

Some will want to start with a big commitment and sacrifices.. They will clar their bank account, their savings for Me.

The purpose is to start fresh , a simpler life, with no temptations to spend money that I shhould have.  And then serving on a regular basis , from their paycheck,living in My shadow, simple basic life focused on Mistress Lilyan.  ULTIMATE MONEY SLAVERY!

I stay in regular touch with My ULTIMATE MONEY SLAVES, their ultimate reward - being  a part on Mistress Lilyan's Luxurios Life.

They will realize there is no greater feeling than giving up the fine things and luxuries in their lives to beautify my life.

They know their limits, that they are only allowed to pay for the bills and groceries. Everything else left form their pay check belong to Mistress Lilyan..


most money slaves I would put into the  entertainment category of financial slavery..

They serve when they are nudged, when they feel weak/horny/  or need to feel the rush . 90% of my money slave belong to this category.. It is still good, yet not the full commitment.

They still understad I am superior and I deserve all they give Me. They spoil Me and pamper Me, yet..they will not fully commit.. for many reason..fear to be totally controlled, family situation or whatever it might be in each particular case..

some may not even consider themselves money slaves, they simply adore Me and worship Me and want to spoil Me !

(especially my foot lovers, pantyhose lovers, high heels fanatics, panties maniacs , nails fans and more)

They feel good showering their Princess with gifts and money, to spend on beautiful clothes,shoes and accessories that in return will turn them even weaker !

They keep coming back  drawn by My power and the need to submit.  They will serve in the spur of the moment, and amounts will vary like before.. It may be $20  or $20 000 ..

They love the feeling and they will come back as often as they have spare funds...

The euphoria and adrenaline  sometimes may be so strong they will beg to sign a contract for ultimate money slavery.. but plenty will fail..  Those who come true, will live thir lives as My Property and lifetime paypet. There is no higher honor and priviledge..

If you are curious about becoming My money slave  purchase my  financial domination recordings here

I have designed these recordings to tap into your barain and guide you to the  best way of serving Me.




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