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need to set up a recurring payments to adopt my bills... I know paypal is one option but looking for more suggestions.. Have you seen any paypal alternative that allows to set monthly billing? let me know ! Read more →

Black Friday ? Are you in a SAVING mood?

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Get on your knees when you read My Holy words! its thanksgiving in USA! And in My opinion it is a PERFECT opportunity for you to show ME how thankful you are that you have found ME! You surely realize how your life changed when you met me. be THANKFULL and regardless of your country show your GODDESS how humble you are..and appreciative of all I DID for you.. GIVE THANKS by sending your PRINCESS to a SPA, and cover the bill. GIVE something WODERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, your devotion and love..and by LOVE I mean MONEY! That is how you... Read more →

Financial slavery...for Me it is about a long term relationship and an ultimate submission coming from a man worshipping Me. a true money slave knows it is not a one time session deal, it is an ongoing need to serve with what he has.. If you have been reading My blog you know the amounts very, based on possibilities.. But it doesnt mean money slave has to be rich.. For Me is it not about the amounts but about offering all you have to your Mistress .. leaving you living on paycheck to paycheck , just covering your basics necessities..... Read more →

Love them! These glamorous tights feature a solid black opaque leg, all the way from toes and up to the middle section of the thigh, and is elegantly finished in a lace pattern motif decorated with a floral design on the back. The lace pattern motif transitions into sheer beige (or nude) section creating an illusion of stay-ups rather than tights. Small flirtatious details, such as opaque suspender motifs running along the sheer sides of the tights, are adorned with a lace ribbon and tiny bow at the side of each leg. The sheer section of the tights finally transitions... Read more →

new money slave

"i love that You use subliminal messages to exploit money slaves Mistress, to make us feel so good to do something that benefits You - i can't tell You how weak that makes me feel" Oh danny you poor little thing, I know it felt so good to meet Me today and this is just the beginning of your TANTALIZING experience ! I expect Fianancial DOMINATION to the fullest here.. You don't realize how I am going to exploit you danny boy..I am similing just at the thought of it.. Read more →

pantyhose !!

yesterday I had an amazing session with Fred .. who adores Me in stockings.. I love our sessions and teasing him into total craziness , till he loses control.. :) He loves watching Me in pantyhose and could watch Me for hours..and he does! He has been addicted to My legs in pantyhose for few years now! Fred is one of the guys who have huge weakness for pantyhose and he understands so well how AMAZING pantyhose feel on My legs, how silky and smooth they are to touch nd how sexy and feminine they make me feel.. Guys liek... Read more →

training my new money slave

Sipping wine, wearing georgeous silk pantyhose and stilettos.. training my new money slave wanna be, explaining how it is going to work.. if you are not a member of dreamhouselive sign up right now, and get 120 credits free.. you will be able to watch this recording FREE and then email me and tell me how it makes you feel..watching me empty his wallet haha:) Training Money Slave with audio Read more →