what a fun session last night

time to mention davey

met davey few weeks ago.. ( I trust me marked that date in his calendar with big  red latters) . He bought my yahoo ID with NF  and  he became my shopping slave.. davey is working really hard to earn my trust and we shall see how it goes.. so far so good davey!

I have received his first gift, a beautiful gold anklet ... perfectly complimenting My foot.. I will add pictures when I switch computers ..

davey reports to Me daily, and obeys My commands pretty well..cant say he always obeys, but that is what training is for , isn'it ?

yes davey, you certainly need more training , if you want to PLEASE Me.

He was My lab rat  when I was building My new website, I was testing different samples on him, oh boy, that was fun! 

other gifts my new shopping slave  got for Me are on their way, will post  an update when they arrive.

Some other gifts from My puppies already arrived, update coming soon.


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