Money Slave Inspired again!
Andrew paypig

My gifts arrived

210920102112 What a fun week! I took some time to record new clips / videos and shoot some pictures for my site and store ( they will be available soon ) .

I loved to pose to my camera knowing what effect it will have on you!

How weak you get watching me on your screen, and how you need more and more.. I know!

I will be sending a special email to all of my NF followers with a peek into the new shoots.. If you are not on my NF list yet, make sure you call me or purchase at least one item in my NF store to get on my list!

Some of the gifts arrived ! I love when you spoil me! Lets see what my boys got me this time:)

210920102114 210920102115  From mark sweet dress ..I will definitely use it in one of my future  shoots , with some sheer nylons, and high heels..

That dress looks amazing on me!  I love the designer , and I have many dresses of his in my closet, but I can always  find more that I simply have to have!

mark loved it too and he got it for me. Good boy!

210920102116 210920102117 

Another sweet dress form mark.  Same designer. mark is a good boy isn't he? He cannot resist me, and my voice when he calls me . And when I get him all excited about emptying his wallet, he gets so weak, he purchases everything I ask for.

That's a well trained money slave, isn't it? He is perfecting his training by listening to my recordings over and my voice sinks so deep into his conscious it will stay there forever..and that is exactly what I want !

210920102118 210920102120 Adorable COACH flip flops! I love COACH.. handbags, shoes  and accessories, you can never go wrong with COACH for your Mistress! (not a fan of their canvas bags tho.. I prefer leather, especially patent)

I adore these shoes, frank got for me.. I actually used them in some of my clips I recorded already, and I believe some pictures too! SO if you are a fan on dangling flip flops.. stay tuned for the future clips.. :) good boy frank. good paypiggy.

210920102122 210920102121 from adam, a pair of sexy pantyhose and a book. you can always please me with pantyhose.. ! and you already know how much I love wearing them.. Your Mistress in Pantyhose ..just imagine how silky and smooth my legs are with nylons on them.. They have a sweet lacy twist to them and back seams.. very well done adam !

and the book was on my amazon wish list.. good boy!

Especially now with the fall  and winter coming I will have plenty to read :) when  I am not busy exploiting my moneyslaves' wallets! HAHA

That is all for today's update. Stay tuned for more and make sure you are on my NF contact list! you don't want to miss the special treats I am sending your keep you breathing heavy and totally under my spell!


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